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B.C. Chinese Head Tax Apology Fails To Prevent Future Discrimination

B.C.'s past legislated discrimination of "non-mainstream" aliens extended to far more than the Chinese, but also to Indo-Canadians and Japanese-Canadians. So why it is today the provincial government only wants to say sorry to the Chinese? Why is it focusing on advertising the apology among the Chinese, and lacking the courage to extend that effort to the entire province? By doing so, B.C. has failed to translate this apology as a political agenda for all citizens.

Clark's Stealth Tactics Undermine Chinese Head Tax Apology

By treating Chinese people as the only stakeholder in B.C.'s reconciliation, the premier not only reveals her ignorance on the subject but is pushing B.C. towards the abyss of false reconciliation, and our democratic system towards even less responsibility for its mistakes, both past and present.

B.C.'s Long History Of Discrimination

VANCOUVER - In 1876, a motion was put forward in the British Columbia legislature that called on the government to prevent Canada from being flooded with "a Mongolian population" that would ruin B.C.'...

Mum's The Word On Ethnicgate

TORONTO - Premier Christy Clark says NDP Leader Adrian Dix had a right to contact the RCMP, launching an investigation into alleged Elections Act irregularities.Dix's complaint stemmed from the govern...

Why Filipinos Should Vote NDP

It's been exasperating to see the BC Liberals try to court the Filipino vote through superficial events designed to be nothing but photo-ops and not engage the community by talking about specific issues. They don't seem to be concerned with providing anything substantive because they don't seem to have anything in their platform they can point to as evidence of being engaged with the community.

B.C. Ethnic Vote Review Launched

VICTORIA - B.C.'s information and privacy watchdog wants to find out if a Liberal government plan to woo the ethnic vote violated any laws.Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said she has launched a prelimi...

Blistering Ethnic Vote Plan Report

VICTORIA - A Liberal government review of the failed internal strategy to win ethnic votes in this May's British Columbia election has Premier Christy Clark vowing to fix mistakes and the Opposition N...

Arrogant B.C. Ethnic Vote Plan Smells Of 'Trapos'

As taxpaying residents of B.C., we resent the use of public resources to further partisan ambitions. As Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians, we are offended that we're seen to be exploitable by those looking to score "quick wins" to secure our votes. This behaviour is reminiscent of "trapos", politicians in the Philippines who engage in unsavoury conduct.

Clark's Leadership Test

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark's government survived a key budget vote Tuesday prompting the premier to declare her Liberals strong and united after enduring a stormy period over a leaked ethnic vot...

Christy Faces Her Caucus

B.C. Multiculturalism Minister John Yap is leaving his cabinet post while an investigation is conducted into the Liberal Party's strategy to woo ethnic voters, Premier Christy Clark confirmed Monday f...

Too Legit To Quit

VANCOUVER - B.C. Premier Christy Clark refused to quit Sunday after emerging from a rare weekend cabinet meeting where some of her ministers described a leaked Liberal strategy to court ethnic voters...

Chinese Community Members Livid

Members of Vancouver's Chinese community are calling the actions of the B.C. Liberal Party "immoral" after a leaked document revealed a wide-ranging plan to win ethnic votes in the upcoming provincial...