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What Is Site C's Future?

VANCOUVER - An $8-billion hydroelectric dam proposed by British Columbia's Crown utility would cause significant adverse effects on the environment and wildlife, as well as aboriginals, farmers and ot...
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Site C Dam Is Unneeded Archaic Mega-Project

We question where the region's breaking point is. We question how much is too much. We want to be clear that we are not opposed to development opportunities, our region has been welcoming oil, gas and mining projects for nearly 60 years. We simply want developers and government, including organizations like BC Hydro to respect the rights and values of those who live here every day.
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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. - The province of Alberta is concerned that a multibillion-dollar hydroelectric dam proposed in northeastern British Columbia could increase mercury levels in fish and escalate the...
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Why BC Hydro's Hands Are Tied

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. - Officially, it is called the "Site C Clean Energy Project," but the scale and impact of a massive dam proposed by the province's Crown utility in northeastern British Columbia ha...


FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. - To Gwen Johansson, the most valuable thing about the Peace River that wends its way though northern British Columbia and Alberta is the view from her kitchen window.It's been her...
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What Harm Will Site C Do?

VANCOUVER - BC Hydro has submitted a long list of species at risk that will be affected by its proposed Site C hydroelectric dam, after a joint federal-provincial environmental review panel found Hydr...
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Site C Hearings: Soon

VANCOUVER - Public hearings into the massive Site C project proposed by BC Hydro will begin next month, after a joint federal-provincial review panel announced Thursday that it is satisfied the Crown...
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Site C Review Stalls

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. - It could be some time before a joint review panel considering the proposed Site C Dam in northeastern B.C., makes a decision about sending the project to a public hearing.The pan...
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Is B.C. Dam Project A Damn Waste?

VANCOUVER - The B.C. Liberals have been using the liquefied natural gas industry to justify the construction of the Site C hydroelectric dam — an $8-billion BC Hydro project perpetually on the develop...

Hydro Rate Shock Coming: NDP

VICTORIA - The NDP is warning British Columbians to brace for what he's calling rate shock on their electricity bills, but Energy Minister Rich Coleman said Monday the Opposition is getting too far ah...