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How B.C. Forestry Went From Protests To Partnerships

In the 1990s, destructive logging and an unresponsive forest industry prompted protests, blockades and international market campaigns from Greenpeace and others. There is a fabled quote from those days where a logging executive says, "No one wants to buy a 2 x 4 with a protester attached to it." This defined the problem: how do we reinstate the social licence to operate and log in a place that is world-renowned for its forests?

Dix's Raw Deal

VANCOUVER - New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix plans to reduce British Columbia's log exports, operating on the campaign slogan "B.C. logs for B.C. jobs."But the promise to reduce log exports has been mad...

B.C. Premier Bulldozes Forestry Tax

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark announced a break in a tax log jam Friday that has concerned British Columbia forest contractors since 2003 when the Liberals cut forest tenures in an industry-wide re...