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How Fear Is Stopping Drug Legalization

"I think there is a fear of change, a fear of change that is ungrounded in any rational apprehension about what will happen. We accept at some level that the whole prohibition policy is a total failure, yet in some other part of our brain we are afraid of change because we worry that society would just turn itself into a collection of drug-addled morons."


Sensible BC has been smoked out. The deadline for the petition for marijuana decriminalization to be handed into Elections BC is Monday, and it's expected to fall well short of the threshold required...

B.C.'s King Kush?

The best in B.C. medicinal marijuana will be judged starting today at a festival at the PNE — but pot advocates say the event will also help the push to decriminalize the drug. The Kush Cup, in its s...

Where A B.C. Town Wants To Move Grow-Ops

VANCOUVER - A metro Vancouver district council is moving to nip a problem in the bud by regulating where medical marijuana can be grown.A newly drafted Maple Ridge, B.C., bylaw proposes that commercia...

Murder In Marijuana Grow-Op

UPDATE: March 4, 2013: Taylor Daniel Johnson, 21, has been identified as the victim found in the Langley grow-op. RCMP say he has no criminal record and was the caretaker of the vacant property where...
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B.C. Missing Out On Billions?

VANCOUVER - It's a bounty that almost does grow on trees.A new study has rung in British Columbians' pot purchases at about half a billion dollars each year, leading its pro-legalization researchers t...

B.C. Pot Bunker Busted

CHERRYVILLE, B.C. - A police raid on an Okanagan house has turned up a two-level confined bunker where more than 4,600 pot plants were being grown.RCMP say the operation was powered half by hydro from...

B.C. Legal Pot Vote

VICTORIA - British Columbia's municipal politicians, sensing shifting emotional attitudes towards marijuana and a possible major new revenue source, voted Wednesday to lobby Ottawa to decriminalize po...

B.C. Cities Mull Legal Weed

VICTORIA - Former British Columbia attorney general Geoff Plant urged mayors and councillors Monday to take a stand and push to change federal marijuana laws to fight drug wars and gang crimes in thei...

90 Days Could Change B.C.'s Pot Laws

VANCOUVER - One of British Columbia's leading marijuana advocates says he's going to raise an army of well-trained, disciplined volunteers for his effort to decriminalize possession and use of cannabi...