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Natural Gas Reserves HOW Big?

VICTORIA - British Columbia's premier says a federal energy report has concluded the province's natural gas reserves are double the size of previous estimates, adding more fuel to Liberal government h...

B.C. Moratorium On Natural Gas?

VANCOUVER - Premier Christy Clark has bet British Columbia's economic fortunes -- and her own career -- on the promise of a windfall from the liquefied natural gas industry, which she insists will be...

B.C. Prosperity Fund Good Idea If Properly Designed

B.C.'s proposed Prosperity Fund is meant to capitalize on the future opportunities from natural gas development. If done correctly, the fund could be a huge benefit to both current and future British Columbians. As with many things though, the devil is in the details. Thankfully there are lessons to be learned, and avoided, from our neighbours, Alberta and Alaska.

B.C. LNG Called 'Fairly Safe Bet'

VICTORIA - Critics of B.C. Premier Christy Clark say her election pitch involving a lucrative liquefied natural gas industry for the province is a "fantasy," but industry experts are siding with the p...

The Next Oil Sands

VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark says her government's plan to export liquefied natural gas to Asia is British Columbia's economic equivalent to Alberta's oilsands.In a year-end interview with The Can...

Exxon Mobil's Plans For B.C.

BANFF, Alta. - The senior vice-president of Exxon Mobil is bullish about the future of the oil and gas industry but is still keeping his cards close to his chest about the possibility of building a li...

Natural Gas Pipeline Planned For B.C.

CALGARY - Spectra Energy and BG Group are joining the throng of companies aiming to export Canadian natural gas to Asia, announcing plans Monday to build a pipeline across northern B.C.The proposed 85...