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Mychaylo Prystupa/Vancouver Observer

The RCMP Were Kind And Civil As They Arrested Me On Burnaby Mountain

When I heard about the protest on Burnaby Mountain, I decided to go up and lend support. During my first several visits there were no police in sight. That changed last Thursday when the RCMP moved in to enforce the injunction handed down by the B.C. Supreme Court. We've seen media photos and video of the physical conflicts that have sometimes developed, but those instances have been rare and it's important to keep them in perspective.

Northern Gateway Key Events Timeline

VANCOUVER - Milestones in the Northern Gateway project, which received federal approval on Tuesday:March 6, 2002: Calgary-based Enbridge (TSX:ENB) announces preliminary plans for a pipeline linking th...

B.C. Pipeline Explosion Cause Found

GATINEAU, Qc - The Transportation Safety Board says a Westcoast Energy pipeline explosion that occurred in northern B.C. last year was caused by an existing defect in the pipe.The Nig Creek pipeline,...

B.C. REJECTS Northern Gateway

VANCOUVER - The British Columbia government officially declared opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline on Friday, telling a federal review panel that the multibillion-dollar project should not go...

Feds Shore Up Tanker Safety

VANCOUVER - The federal government announced changes Monday to improve oil tanker safety off Canadian coasts, and shore up support for several controversial projects that would increase oil exports fr...

Justin Trudeau Kinda Right, But He Overlooks B.C.'s Influence

The point Justin Trudeau, and largely the rest of Canada, has missed is the role British Columbia will play moving forward in Canada. If it's not obvious, it should be by now. With Vancouver MP Joyce Murray announcing her run for leader of the Liberal Party today, it's slowly setting the pace to which B.C. politicians will begin to take a more active role in shaping the country's policy.

More Pipeline Hearings For B.C.

VANCOUVER - The environmental review panel examining the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline has added another 10 weeks of hearings.The panel will now return to Prince Rupert, B.C., in February of next...

The One Way B.C. Will Get a "Fair Share" of the Pipeline

Domestic provincial considerations have complicated the viability of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project. One major barrier to the development of the Northern Gateway pipeline is the parochial interests of B.C.'s premier, Christy Clark who has demanded a "fair share" of the benefits from the pipeline. Lifting the moratorium on offshore oil and gas activity on Canada's west coast has the potential to resolve inter-provincial in-fighting over pipelines by ensuring British Columbia is a larger beneficiary of Canada's energy renaissance.

A "Yes" to Enbridge's Pipeline is a "No" to Ethics in Canada

As the battle over Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline plays out, two key questions about the moral make-up of Canada will be answered. First, will we as a nation respond to climate change with a renewed commitment to conventional energy and conventional economic growth? Second, will large companies be allowed to bulldoze through unceded Aboriginal territory without local consent?