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I Can Love My Kids, But I Can't Teach Them Grade 6 Math

The two eldest, going into Grades 3 and 6 are outright depressed. They know what they are missing (friends, fun and a fresh start to the year) and instead they have Mom, Dad and a list of educational websites hastily tossed together and thrown at them. This is what happens when ill-prepared adults with no teaching credentials are forced to use their mediocre skills to attempt to educate our kids.

School <em>Still</em> Out In B.C.

VANCOUVER - Queena Zeng anticipated her final year of high school would be fairly stressful, packed with SAT cram sessions and the nerve-racking wait for university acceptance letters. Instead, Zeng,...
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This MasterChef Wishes She Had A Different Conversation With Christy Clark

I consider myself an extremely resourceful woman. I don't give up until I find an answer. Funny thing though, in this situation I cannot seem to find the answer: I can leave my five- and nine-year-old children at home alone while I go to work, or I can stay home from work with my children and lose out on pay and possibly even my job. Christy, do you have any ideas? I have about a week to figure this out.
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For Every Student, There Was A Teacher

I am not an upset parent, I am not a teacher nor someone who is related to a teacher. I am a recently graduated French Immersion student. Though I may not hold any political, economic or sway of any other kind in the matter, I believe that my opinions represent a vast majority of the beliefs of the students of this province.