B.C.'s Business Tax Regime Needs Competitive Jumpstart

One item sorely missing from the B.C. finance minister's recent budget was a plan to make the province's business taxes more competitive and attractive for investment. When the province shifted back to the PST last year, the cost of doing business and investing increased dramatically. Disappointingly, de Jong's budget did nothing to address this shackle around BC's economy. Tax reform, however, might be the light at the end of tunnel.

Why Surrey's Mayor Wants $3 Million

The Mayor of Surrey says the return to the Provincial Sales Tax is costing her city, and other cities, millions of dollars, and she wants the province to make up the difference. Dianne Watts says the...

Are B.C. Businesses Ready For PST?

The return of B.C.'s Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is leaving many businesses unprepared, as many have yet to do anything to revert to the province's old tax system. About 25,000 businesses have not yet...

This Will Cost You More Next Week

The return of the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) in B.C. will hurt beer drinkers' wallets, but provide some relief at the till for cyclists. B.C. is returning to the PST of seven per cent on April 1 after...