Bc Public Schools

Darryl Dyck/CP

B.C. Voters Care About More Than Money

Does Premier Christy Clark believe that money is the only thing on the minds of voters? Does she think that voters are really enjoying having the extra money in their pockets from all her tax cuts so that they can have the choice to pay to cross bridges? Does she think we're pleased that we have some extra change to support school fundraisers and to donate to Adopt-a-School?

Dix Pledges Millions For Public Schools

COURTENAY, B.C. - Liberal Education Minister Don McRae crashed New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix's election campaign announcement Thursday, creating a side-show atmosphere in what was to be the release o...

B.C. Independent School Growth Should Be Studied, Not Attacked

If the business across the street from yours, with fewer resources and higher prices, had increased its share of customers every year for 35 years, wouldn't you be curious why? Wouldn't that interest intensify if your own customer base had shrunk in 24 of those 35 years? This is the situation B.C.'s schools find themselves in.