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Dear Students: An Apology From A Teacher

Lizanne Foster | Posted 02.18.2015 | Canada British Columbia
Lizanne Foster

I'm sorry that you are forced to sit for 6 hours each school-day despite research that reveals the detrimental cognitive and health effects of excessive sitting. I wish you had not had your curiosity crushed by classroom conformity.

Personalized Learning Means Kids With Computers, Not Teachers

Lizanne Foster | Posted 01.27.2015 | Canada British Columbia
Lizanne Foster

Personalized learning will mean that more often than not your child will be interacting with his/her personal computer while completing courses online. It makes so much sense to try to sell this doublespeak version of "personalized" to parents. It's so much cheaper to buy a new computer than to pay a teacher's salary year after year.

Chevron Money For B.C. Classrooms Pumps Up Debate

The Huffington Post B.C. | Andree Lau | Posted 11.05.2014 | Canada British Columbia

A corporate funding program available to B.C. schools has become a Vancouver election issue, yet again highlighting the debate over educational resour...

Aldergrove School Playground Condemned

The Huffington Post B.C. | Posted 10.06.2014 | Canada British Columbia

More than 240 kids in Aldergrove, B.C., have nowhere to play because their school playground is too unsafe to use. The playground at North Otter E...

B.C. School Districts Ordered To Return All Strike Savings

CBC | Posted 11.26.2014 | Canada British Columbia

The B.C. government is instructing school districts to return any money they may have saved during the public school teachers' strike this Septem...

I Refuse To Stop Spending My Own Money On My Classroom

Ashley D. MacKenzie | Posted 11.22.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Ashley D. MacKenzie

Yes, I've bought the materials in the boxes that I'll be hauling to work each day this week. And yes, I sincerely wish that I hadn't had to go out of pocket to make sure that my students get the best education that I can give them. The underfunding of public education in B.C. has already taken enough out of me. I refuse to let it take who I am as a teacher, too.


CP | Steven Chua, The Canadian Press | Posted 11.21.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - Many parents and students in B.C. are relieved school is finally starting on Monday after three weeks of delay, and some say there is even...

Do B.C. Parents Have To Buy Toilet Paper Soon As Part Of School Supplies?

Carolyn Moeller | Posted 11.15.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Carolyn Moeller

Then there is the issue of school supplies. I have watched the list steadily lengthen over the years. This year alone, I have spent $300 just so my children can have adequate supplies for school. Not to mention that their supply lists include ridiculous items like Kleenex, photocopy paper and Ziploc bags. If our schools don't even have the funding to supply children with something to wipe their noses with, then like one parent said to me, "What's next, toilet paper?"

If Only Students Could Be Moulded Into Pipelines Or Olympic Arenas

Lizanne Foster | Posted 08.15.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Lizanne Foster

If only students were made of concrete and steel that could be moulded into things like roads, bridges, pipelines or sports arenas for Olympic events. Things that would be seen to be worth it, a good investment of billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

What You See in Today's Public School Classroom Is A Mirage

Carla Friesen | Posted 08.12.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Carla Friesen

You probably think to yourself what a lovely place to learn for your child. Teachers spend many hours finding ideas for organizing and decorating classrooms. Because they know that an organized, efficient environment is essential to learning. But it's all a mirage. What you do not see is the room's bare bones before your child's teacher came in over the summer and transformed it.

I Want To See My Students Soar, But Today I Cried

Carla Friesen | Posted 08.09.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Carla Friesen

Today I cried. I cried because I don't want to be striking. I just want to teach. I love my job. I love those students. Every single one of them.

Why I'm Still A Teacher After 20 Years

Carla Friesen | Posted 07.29.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Carla Friesen

I will continue to do my job because I believe in these children. I will do my best to speak a word of encouragement or direction to each and every one of the 27 sweet faces in my room while I strategically try to give those five or more children that are struggling the extra time they so desperately need. It is getting harder and harder to do, but I will continue to do it. Because I am a teacher. That's my calling.

No Full Pay Without Full Work: Teachers' Employer

CP | Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.29.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - The intensifying battle between British Columbia's public teachers and their employer moved to a provincial labour tribunal Thursday where...

What Happens After A Teachers' Strike, From A Student's Perspective

Ramesh Ranjan | Posted 07.29.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Ramesh Ranjan

The end of the 2005 strike didn't stop some teachers from bringing their feelings into the classroom -- and into the curriculum. One teacher spent most of a class criticizing the government for limiting senior teachers to a certain level of income. She even went so far as to go over her her personal finances on the whiteboard. Maybe she had a point -- but who were we to know? We were a bunch of 15-16 year old kids.

Teachers Announce Second Week Of Strikes

CP | Camille Bains, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.28.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - British Columbia teachers will stage a second week of rotating strikes as their union's bitter dispute with the government drags on and fa...

Dismissed: A Parent's View Of The B.C. Teachers Strike

Louise Wallace | Posted 07.27.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Louise Wallace

So today's word, boys and girls, is dismissed. Dismissed from the process, dismissed from the conversation, dismissed from the opportunity. That's how I feel as a parent and that's how I feel for my kids who tomorrow will return, temporarily at least, to school.

Sides Must Bargain Hard To Resolve Teachers Dispute: Clark

CP | Camille Bains, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.27.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's premier is hoping a Labour Relations Board meeting will jumpstart a resolution to the dispute that has families looking...

A Kindergarten Student Told Me Teachers Are 'Lazy, Greedy'

Caroline Cho | Posted 07.26.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Caroline Cho

A kindergarten student actually said this to me the other day: teachers are lazy and greedy for money and that's why teachers are going on strike. She is five years old, and probably parroting what others have said to her outside of school.

'To Rush To Legislation Is Not Where We're Going To Go'

CP | Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.25.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - As British Columbia teachers walked picket lines on Monday, the union and its employer resumed bargaining with pledges to stop further esc...

Rotating Teachers' Strikes Could Be First Of Many: Union

CP | Steven Chua, The Canadian Press | Posted 07.26.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - Teachers in British Columbia say the government's plan to dock their pay by 10 per cent won't stop them from starting job action on Monday...

Dear Parent Of The Average Child: One B.C. Teacher's Confession

Genevieve Hawtree | Posted 07.24.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Genevieve Hawtree

Your child is wonderful. She is always at school on time, does her homework almost every day, works well on her own, and is patient with those around her. I really wanted to go tell your daughter how proud I was of her, of the work she was doing today. I was about to, but...

B.C. Teachers, School Boards Need Counselling Because They Sure Can't Get A DIvorce

Adam Olsen | Posted 07.24.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Adam Olsen

Let's focus on an arbitrated contract that will get us through the next two to three years, but keep the mediator around for that period and require all three parties continue meeting until they can reconcile their differences and drastically improve the quality of their negotiations.

Last Chance Passes To Avoid Rotating Teachers' Strikes

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 07.23.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - One last chance has passed for B.C.'s public-school teachers and their employers to avoid rotating strikes across the province Monday, wit...

B.C. Schools Sunk By Hydro Bills

CP | Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.04.2014 | Canada British Columbia

VICTORIA - Energy Minister Bill Bennett has turned down a request from the British Columbia School Trustees Association for a special deal or exemptio...

B.C. Teachers Back In Court

CP | Camille Bains, The Canadian Press | Posted 11.08.2013 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - The latest court battle waged against the British Columbia government by the teachers' union could ding taxpayers for $6 billion to start,...