Bc Teachers Deal

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B.C. Teachers Should Vote No To Tentative Deal

Despite what I know was a Herculean effort on the part of our bargaining team, I very much hope that B.C. teachers will vote no to the tentative agreement. After five weeks of strike, and 12 years of legal battles, this is not the deal that will restore sanity to public education and it is not a fair deal for teachers and students.


VANCOUVER - British Columbia's long-warring government and teachers' union have made unprecedented educational labour peace with a six-year collective agreement wrought through months of embittered st...

Gov't Ditches 10-Year Teachers' Deal

VICTORIA - The B.C. government has ditched its demand for a 10-year teachers' contract and is now offering a six-year-deal and a signing bonus if there's an agreement before the end of the school year...
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Teachers Strike Vote Begins

VANCOUVER - Teachers across British Columbia have begun taking a strike vote in hopes the move will pressure the government to offer what their union calls a fair contract.Results of the three-day vot...

Fassbender Makes His Appeal To Teachers

VANCOUVER - British Columbia's new education minister says he's optimistic he can overcome a decades-long, toxic relationship with the province's teachers by discussing a new "road map" next week that...

Will B.C. Teachers Take A 10-Year Deal?

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government's proposed path to a 10-year contract with teachers is a pre-election political document that aims to strip educators of their bargaining rights as they prepare to nego...