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Between Government And Unions, Taxpayers Have No Voice

In the battle between big government and big unions over big tax dollars, the country's highest court has decided there's just no need for the little people -- the taxpayers -- to be heard. This might have made sense if the Court limited its judgments to protecting truly fundamental freedoms. However, its recent judgments expanding freedom of association to protect the economic and contractual rights of unions can have serious impacts on government's budgetary spending priorities.


VANCOUVER - As teachers staged their first day of a full-scale strike in British Columbia, the province's education minister said negotiations would resume only if the union comes to the table with a...

Gov't Ditches 10-Year Teachers' Deal

VICTORIA - The B.C. government has ditched its demand for a 10-year teachers' contract and is now offering a six-year-deal and a signing bonus if there's an agreement before the end of the school year...

B.C. Teachers Vote In Favour Of Strike

VICTORIA - Now that contract negotiations with British Columbia teachers have reached the next phase with an 89 per strike mandate, the education minister says he's looking forward to seeing contract...
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Teachers Strike Vote Begins

VANCOUVER - Teachers across British Columbia have begun taking a strike vote in hopes the move will pressure the government to offer what their union calls a fair contract.Results of the three-day vot...