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Hopeful Sign For B.C. Economy?

VICTORIA - British Columbia's jobs minister is pleased with Statistics Canada's latest figures showing B.C. led the country in job creation in June, as the provincial unemployment rate fell half a poi...
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B.C. Unemployment Rate DROPS

B.C. saw a surge in new full-time jobs in April, and its unemployment rate is now well below the national average, which sits at 7.2 per cent, according to Statistics Canada. In B.C., the unemploymen...
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Media Bites: The Sad State of B.C. Politics

The 40th British Columbia General Election is a dreary race between dreadful choices. That's an easy thing to say about any election, granted, but the sad state of B.C. politics is truly the stuff apathy was designed for. The final droplets of ideology, vision, principle, passion, and leadership having long since drained from this province's governing class, there's now nothing left but empty partisan squabbling.

B.C. Students Face Tough Job Market

A B.C. economist says it will be a tough summer for students looking for work, with youth unemployment higher than it was four years ago. “The overall economy is still pretty sluggish right now,” sai...

B.C. Unemployment Spikes

The latest jobs figures from Statistics Canada show a spike in unemployment in B.C. The rate jumped to 7 per cent in March, up from 6.3 per cent in February — the biggest rise in the country and a lo...

HOW MANY Jobs Has B.C. Lost?

VICTORIA - B.C.'s jobs plan is working, despite dismal employment figures provincially and nationally in March, said Jobs Minister Pat Bell.On Friday, Statistics Canada reported 54,500 jobs disappeare...

B.C. Jobs, Numbers Game

VICTORIA - Finance Minister Mike de Jong says British Columbia's year-old Jobs Plan is doing what it was supposed to do — create jobs and attract investment.De Jong said Tuesday that B.C. is leading C...

B.C.'s Job Creation Boast

VICTORIA - B.C. Jobs Minister Pat Bell says the province is leading Canada in job creation.He says B.C. generated almost 15,000 new jobs in August, just under half the 34,000 positions created in all...