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This MasterChef Wishes She Had A Different Conversation With Christy Clark

I consider myself an extremely resourceful woman. I don't give up until I find an answer. Funny thing though, in this situation I cannot seem to find the answer: I can leave my five- and nine-year-old children at home alone while I go to work, or I can stay home from work with my children and lose out on pay and possibly even my job. Christy, do you have any ideas? I have about a week to figure this out.
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For Every Student, There Was A Teacher

I am not an upset parent, I am not a teacher nor someone who is related to a teacher. I am a recently graduated French Immersion student. Though I may not hold any political, economic or sway of any other kind in the matter, I believe that my opinions represent a vast majority of the beliefs of the students of this province.
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My High School Kids, My Teacher Husband, And The Public School Crisis

My kids are lost in the shuffle because they are not at the very top or the very bottom. They could use more teacher face time but it isn't there. I have seen my kids' teachers standing on cold sidelines cheering them on at 4 p.m. on a Friday across the city because they volunteered to sponsor the team. I don't want my kids' teachers to be overworked, under-motivated and overwhelmed.