Beef Recall Xl Foods


XL Foods Recalls 800 Employees

XL Foods management has asked 800 of the 2,000 workers that were laid off Saturday to return to work to the meat processing plant in Brooks, Alta., amid an international beef recall for E. coli contam...

Canadian Beef Is Safe, Says Alberta

Alberta Premier Alison Redford says a government program to help beef producers should be enough to get them through the temporary shutdown of the XL Foods plant in Brooks. Plans to gradually reopen...

XL Foods Breaks Beef Recall Silence

XL Foods Inc. says it is taking full responsibility and pledged to regain the trust of consumers as a massive recall of meat intensified today. Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz repeated tha...

The Recipe for Contaminated Beef? Shoddy Governance

The management of XL Foods Inc., which has been in the news for causing the biggest beef recall in Canadian history, has not figured out the most important issue is how the company governs food safety. Neither XL foods or its parent company appear to have any independent directors, who are essential to ensuring internal management does not cut corners. No one likes to be controlled, least of which entrepreneurial employees. However, ask yourself if defective internal controls are worth the price, in terms of reputation and financial loss. It can indeed be a run on the bank if consumers don't have confidence, and it can get worse unless governance checks are put in place.

B.C. Beef Consumers' E. Coli Fears

A nation-wide beef recall over fears of E-coli contamination is making some local consumers question how their beef is sourced. Richard Noble, who runs a specialty butcher shop in Vancouver’s Dunbar...