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B.C. Beer Named Canada's Best

B.C. remains home to Canada's best suds after the Old Yale Brewing Company's Sasquatch Stout was named "Beer of the Year" at the Canadian Brewing Awards. It's the fourth time in six years that a B.C....
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How I Judge the "Best Beer"

I often get asked, "What's the best beer you've ever had?" This is an interesting question, as it's not "what's your favourite beer?", a much easier question to answer. I also don't hear this question as being "what's the best-made beer you've ever had?" in which case Westvleteren would easily be high on the list. It's not strictly about the brewer's craft.

Thirsty for Oktoberfest? The Top 24 Brewpubs in Canada

In time for Oktoberfest celebrations across the country, we publish our first Top 24 Brewpubs in Canada list, giving attention to a growing segment that's important to Canadians and visitors to the country. The craft-brew craze has redefined how Canadians and visitors to this country drink beer. Here's the full list.

Best Of Your #BeerEh Tweets

Yesterday we asked Huffington Post Canada and OpenFile readers across the country to tell us whether they thought Canadian beer is better than American beer, and which brand you preferred. As would b...

POLL: Vote For Your Favourite Beer

In honour of the summer beer-drinking season, we've pulled together a slideshow of some of the most popular beers in Canada and the U.S. Vote for your favourite beer and we'll see which brew comes out...