Bev Oda

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If Governments Aren't Wasting Money, They're Doing it Wrong

Tales of government waste make for excellent news headlines. Bev Oda's infamous $16 orange juice probably got more media attention than the $45 billion F35 procurement debacle. Part of the reason is that people understand the value and cost of orange juice. Rather than focusing on waste, analysts and the media should instead focus on getting more value for money from governments. We need to pay less attention to tens of dollars and more attention to billions.

Are the Harper Conservatives Joking When They Claim to be Women's Saviours?

In case you missed it, the Harper Conservatives claim that they have "done more for women and girls across Canada than any other government." The actual evidence simply does not support such a wild claim. Instead of addressing pay equity, the lack of which means about $126 billion in lost income potential of women in Canada, former Heritage Minister Bev Oda was more interested in freeing up $700,000 from unnecessary rent and utility bills after a $5 million funding cut to Status of Women. One out of three women in Canada suffers violence.

Rebrand: Bev Oda's Rep Needs Some TLC

Every once in a while, we brand consultants get ourselves what we call a "trainwreck" -- a bona fide, dyed in the wool, gong show of a client. And we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Such is the case of the "in the headlines again this past week" Bev Oda -- she's just not getting a break is she? And so, I surmised that maybe she needs some help to get her out of this and send her on her way to a fresh start.

Bev Oda Screwed Up -- But Who Let Her?

Then minister for CIDA, Bev Oda, was charged a penalty fee of $250 US in 2010 for smoking in her hotel room and expensed her department. It's inexcusable, but ministers don't act alone. They have staff to both offer advice and at the same time protect them from follies such as this one. Didn't anyone question this expense claim?

Another Burn For Oda

OTTAWA - A penalty of $250 US for smoking in a hotel room was among the expenses charged to taxpayers by Bev Oda, Canada's former minister of international co-operation.The then-minister was dinged in...

Your Tax Dollars: Investing in Bev Oda's Future

When Bev Oda's resignation from Parliament and cabinet took effect on July 31, she lost her $233,247 salary. But Oda started collecting her parliamentary pension on August 1 at the handsome rate the Canadian Taxpayers Federation estimates at $52,183 per year. For life. After eight years of Parliamentary work. You see, for every one dollar contributed from MPs to their pension plans, the Canadian taxpayers contribute $24 each. Seem a bit much?

No Regrets

Bev Oda doesn't regret charging taxpayers $16 for an orange juice and said today on her last day as the MP for Durham that she is retiring with honour and pride. In an interview with CBC News Network...

Bev Oda's Last Day

OTTAWA - Embattled former cabinet minister Bev Oda is saying her final farewells, but isn't offering any explanations for her decision to resign.Oda announced in early July that she would step down ef...

Watching the Watchdog: The Opening Ceremony Was Its Own Weird Word Cloud

The opening stuff before the parade of athletes was weird, bizarre, peculiar, odd, curious, offbeat, outlandish, eccentric, unconventional, unorthodox, queer, unexpected, abnormal, atypical, unusual, out of the ordinary, extraordinary, remarkable, puzzling, mystifying, mysterious, perplexing, baffling, inexplicable, incongruous, irregular, singular, ludicrous, comical, ridiculous, droll, deviant, aberrant, grotesque, freakish, surreal, wacky, oddball, way out, freaky, off the wall, rum, wacko, and bizarro.

Harper Doesn't Hate Women, He Hates Incompetence

In light of Bev Oda's resignation as an MP and cabinet minister, blogger Rachel Décoste asserted that this was a sign of "a disturbing trend" emerging from Harper's dealings with women that might suggest he "harbours hatred" for the female sex. However the only "disturbing trend" to emerge from the PM's dealings with women is that substantial swathes of the dogmatic left actually believe he hates them.

Psst! Julian, Listen Up

Julian Fantino, in taking over the Canadian International Development Agency, will helm an organization that observers and those inside the organization say has sinking morale and has strayed from its...

The Bevy of Puns in the Media's "Coda to Oda"

"The coda to Oda was writ bright with orange juice," writes David Climenhaga on, easily winning the prize for "best editorial headline that sounds like something a film-noir secret agent would whisper on a park bench." Oda's fall represents lots of important things to lots of pundits, in fact, which is very fortunate!

What CIDA Needs Is Experience, Not A Badge

Julian Fantino earned his reputation as a hard-nose -- a take-no-prisoners hardliner who frequently preferred the stick to the carrot. Making him Minister of International Co-operation is like putting Donald Trump in charge of a micro-enterprise initiative among the poor of Haiti -- the consequences will be devastating because the need to be in charge will surely eclipse the need to be smart.

Turns Out a Real Summer Shuffle Isn't in the Cards

Wednesday, Stephen Harper conducted what can best be described as a micro shuffle as it really wasn't big enough to be called a mini-shuffle. With no warning to the media who cover such items, everyone was taken by surprise. And that's not even mentioning the inevitable disappointment of certain backbenchers.

Is Bev Oda the Latest Victim in Harper's War on Women's Rights?

As MP Bev Oda has chosen to abort not only her ministership, but her political career, the bombshell has informed a troubling narrative on Harper's Conservatives' treatment of womankind. As the Harper government's war on women rages on, anti-woman proposals which have been blighting in the right-wing fringe for years have come to fruition.

Mini-Shuffle Replaces Oda

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has replaced embattled cabinet minister Bev Oda.A day after Oda announced she was stepping down from her post as international co-operation minister, Harper appo...

How Bev Oda Destroyed Canada's Foreign Aid Reputation

To Canadian taxpayers, the 67-year old and first Japanese Canadian MP who has just resigned will always be known as the Minister who charged the government $16 for an orange juice at an international health conference for the poor. Under her watch, many counties have had their Canadian (foreign) aid cut or reduced at best. What she may have been successful destroying is a great Canadian brand in the process.

An 'Embarrassment To Canada': Liberal MP

Opposition MPs aren't the only ones making Bev Oda's spending habits a thorn in the government's side – her own colleague, Conservative MP John Williamson, is also raising them as a point of contentio...

Canadian Politicians: Lie First, Apologize Later

Lies and miscalculations rule the day in Canadian politics and we don't seem too bothered. Who needs data, facts, or expertise to make hundreds of billions worth of decisions? Since lies seem to work, politicians scatter them liberally. Candidates spew promises they have no intention or clue how to keep. We are repeatedly shocked to see them broken.

Cushy Rules For Jet-Setting Ministers

OTTAWA - Travel rules that apply to federal ministers appear to be about as firm — and as fat-conscious — as the clotted cream on the scones at London's swishy Savoy Hotel.The office of Bev Oda says t...