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The U.S.-Canada Border Needs to Open For the Skilled Workforce

Workers and industry face enormous regulatory burden when trying to move people back and forth between Canada and the United States for economic purposes. A workforce that is mobile, highly-trained and competitive with the rest of the world is a necessity in the new world economy. Why wouldn't our two governments facilitate the movement of skilled workers to work on major projects in both countries and help manufacturing (or technology) giants get the talent they need where they need it?
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Canada And U.S. Cut Defence Deal

Canada and the U.S. have finalized one agreement and renewed another to better co-ordinate civilian and military forces against threats. Defence Minister Peter MacKay, speaking Tuesday night to a gro...

How Border Deal Will Affect Cross-Border Shoppers

For many Canadians, border crossings have been a constant source of headaches for several years now. The new border security and trade agreement between Canada and the United States, called the Beyond...