Beyond The Border

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The U.S.-Canada Border Needs to Open For the Skilled Workforce

Workers and industry face enormous regulatory burden when trying to move people back and forth between Canada and the United States for economic purposes. A workforce that is mobile, highly-trained and competitive with the rest of the world is a necessity in the new world economy. Why wouldn't our two governments facilitate the movement of skilled workers to work on major projects in both countries and help manufacturing (or technology) giants get the talent they need where they need it?

Too Slow, Say Stakeholders

OTTAWA - A Canada-U.S. group that's supposed to be streamlining trade and commerce between the world's two biggest trading partners is instead suffering from a lack of momentum, disregarding new ideas...
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Mr. Harper Goes To Washington

WASHINGTON - Prime Minister Stephen Harper is headed to the White House today to announce the details of a long-awaited border security agreement with U.S. President Barack Obama.The Beyond The Border...