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Christy Clark, The New Boss, Turned Out To Be A Lot Like The Old Boss

When Christy Clark took over as premier of British Columbia two years ago, she had a window of opportunity to change taxpayers' perceptions of her government. To improve her chances in the 2013 election, Clark needed to throw out unpopular and unworkable ideas brought in by her predecessor Gordon Campbell. In a symbolic way, she needed to string a huge banner over the B.C. Legislature that said, "Under New Management."

B.C. Clerk Slams Auditor General

VICTORIA - The growing tensions between British Columbia's take-no-prisoners Auditor General John Doyle and members of the Liberal government and officials at the legislature spilled out inadvertently...

Secret Payouts For B.C. Politicians

The speaker of the B.C. Legislature admits a secret decision to provide severance to all MLAs who lose their seats because of recall petitions was probably not the best idea. In 2011, a secret bi-par...

B.C. MLAs Break Word On Expenses, Disrepect Taxpayers

Last week, the Legislative Assembly Management Committee, chaired by Barisoff and made up of both Liberal and NDP MLAs, agreed to post quarterly expense reports online -- but continue to withhold actual receipts, ensuring the public is kept in the dark on where public money is actually going. For two parties who are at each other's throats on nearly every issue facing this province, it is astounding that the Liberals and NDP continue to walk in lockstep when it comes to hiding these receipts.

Three BC MLAs To Quit Thursday

VICTORIA - Three more members of Premier Christy Clark's British Columbia Liberal government are set to announce their intentions to leave politics.Government sources have told The Canadian Press that...

B.C. Speaker Won't Run For Re-Election

B.C. Liberal MLA Bill Barisoff has announced he will not run in the next provincial election, just weeks after brushing aside calls for his resignation. The Penticton MLA said in a statement publishe...

He's Not Running Again

PENTICTON, B.C. - Penticton, B.C., Liberal MLA Bill Barisoff has ended months of speculation about his political future by announcing he won't seek re-election in the 2013 provincial election."I have...