Bill Blair

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Culling Cannabis Dispensaries Exposes Trudeau's Hypocrisy

Here's my take: dispensary owners have tirelessly fought for many years for more liberalized cannabis laws. They've even racked up hefty legal bills while pleading their case to the highest court in the land. Ultimately, they've helped pave the way for the mainstreaming of medical marijuana, which has mainly benefitted "Big Business", a.k.a. LPs. So dispensaries also deserve to be accommodated when legalization finally arrives -- but with conditions.

Trudeau Showcases New Star Recruit

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau is backing up his latest star recruit — newly retired Toronto police chief Bill Blair — with promises that a Liberal government would beef up support for first responders.The L...

Meet Toronto's Next Top Cop

TORONTO - A 32-year veteran of the Toronto police force became the first black man named to its top job on Monday but said his race doesn't mean he can magically repair the enduring strains with peopl...
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Toronto Chief Won't Testify

TORONTO - Toronto's police chief will not have to testify at a disciplinary hearing for the most senior officer charged over mass arrests made during the city's G20 summit, a retired judge ruled Wedne...
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Will Bill Blair Testify?

A judge is expected to rule today on whether Toronto's police chief and his former deputy must testify at a senior officer's disciplinary hearing. Lawyers for complainants at Supt. David Fe...