Bill C-51


Tories To Scale Back Anti-Terror Bill

OTTAWA - The Conservative government will amend its anti-terrorism bill to make it clear that its new information-sharing provisions would not target protesters who act outside the letter of the law....

Tories To Scale Back Anti-Terror Bill

The government will propose a handful of amendments to the proposed anti-terror bill when it goes to clause-by-clause review on Tuesday, CBC News has learned, including a proposal that would protect p...

Ex-Spies Support Giving CSIS New Muscle

OTTAWA - Many demonstrators are flattering themselves when they publicly fret about coming under the scrutiny of security services, says a former spymaster.Ray Boisvert said Thursday the Canadian Secu...

CSE's Cyberware Toolbox Revealed

Top-secret documents obtained by the CBC show Canada's electronic spy agency has developed a vast arsenal of cyberwarfare tools alongside its U.S. and British counterparts to hack into computers and p...

Topless Protester Removed From House

OTTAWA - The words "C-51: State terrorism" were scrawled on a woman's breasts after she whipped off her top in the Commons on Monday, resulting in her being ejected from the public gallery.The group F...

Why I Am Fighting Bill C-51

It is actually five bills rolled into one. Each part contains provisions I can only describe as dangerous. It is more than anti-terrorism, as the range of activities covered by a new and sweeping definition of "threats to the security of Canada" in the information sharing section of the bill covers far more than terrorism. It could plausibly cover just about anything, and certainly would cover those opposing pipelines and tankers.

Harper's Anti-Terror Bill Puts Every Canadian in Danger

The scale of information sharing being proposed by Bill C-51 is unprecedented, the scope of the new powers conferred by the Act is excessive, particularly as these powers affect ordinary Canadians, and the safeguards protecting against unreasonable loss of privacy are seriously deficient. While the potential to know virtually everything about everyone may well identify some new threats, the loss of privacy is clearly excessive. All Canadians would be caught in this web.

Stephen Harper Does Not Really Care About Women

On February 12, Harper vowed to appeal a federal court ruling that would allow Muslim women to wear a niqab during citizenship ceremonies. Speaking to the press about the matter, Harper said, "That is not the way we do things." He added that, "This is a society that is transparent, open and where people are equal, and I think we find that offensive." This is a classic example of opportunistic feminism, which so many white men like to make use of from time to time.
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In Election Year, Bill C-51 Is Best Opposed by Supreme Court

Given the parliamentary majority that the Harper government currently enjoys, official effective opposition to its typically extreme legislative proposal lies squarely in the hands of the Supreme Court. Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau's respective decisions to stand aside the bill as it makes its way in the House of Commons, preferring instead to pitch oversight-related amendments as part of their prospective federal electoral platforms, reinforces this reality.