Bill C10

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UN Blasts Tory Crime Bill

OTTAWA - The federal government's tough-on-crime agenda is "excessively punitive" for youth and is a step backwards for Canada's child rights record, says a United Nations group.The UN committee on th...

Why Making Prisoners "Pay" Won't Work

Time for prisoners to start paying their own way, says the Minister for Public Safety, Vic Toews. This will invariably lead to the reduction of community corrections programs that have been shown to best promote successful rehabilitation and reintegration. What if instead of trying to break the cycle of poverty-to-prison-to-poverty, we actively embraced it?

NDP Tactics Delay Passage Of Crime Bill

OTTAWA - Procedural tactics by the NDP in the House of Commons managed to postpone a final vote on the Conservative government's sweeping crime bill late Wednesday.The stalling tactics mean Bill C-10...

Senate Committee Amends Crime Bill

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs committee passed Conservative amendments to the government's controversial omnibus crime legislation Monday morning, signalling the government's admission t...

Sober Second Thoughts On Crime Bill

OTTAWA - The Conservative government's massive new crime bill is getting a sober second look from the Senate, and the controversial legislation is expected to see government-sponsored changes.Justice...

Crime Bill May Pack Ontario's Prisons

TORONTO - The omnibus federal crime bill will cost Ontario more than $1 billion in increased police and court costs, the province's Liberal government said Monday as it demanded Ottawa pick up the tab...

Senate In No Hurry To Pass Crime Bill

When it comes to the Harper government's omnibus crime legislation, the Senate's sober second thought will carry over into the new year, calling into question the government's previous claim that the...

Omnibus Crime Bill Passes Final Vote

The federal government's omnibus crime bill passed the final vote 157-127 in the House of Commons on Monday night. Earlier Monday, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson held a news conference in Ottawa to ex...

Quebec Needs Its Own Criminal Code?

UPDATE: Tuesday, Amir Khadi, the lone MP for Quebec Solidaire, introduced a motion in the Quebec National Assembly calling on the provincial government to take the necessary measures to ensure that Qu...

'Jobs Not Jails'

WINNIPEG - Protesters outside the Manitoba legislature have warned that the federal omnibus crime bill being fast-tracked into law will cost taxpayers more, won't reduce crime and will create more har...