Why You Hate Digital Marketers

The next time you love talking to a digital marketer will probably be the first time you love talking to a digital marketer. They blabber more than Steve Urkel and act less than Mark Hamill after Star Wars. These are the idiotic things digital marketers say that drive the rest of the working world crazy.

The Week In Review: Will That Be Cash, Charge Or Bitcoin?

This week, Bitcoin got a (rocket) boost when Sir Richard Branson announced that his company Virgin Galactic will accept the digital currency as payment for space flights. "While the world of travel is rapidly advancing, the world of payments is changing fast too," Branson wrote in a blog post Friday. "Sometime in the future, innovative payment models such as Square, Clinkle and Bitcoin will become serious challengers to traditional banks, which will spur more competition and give customers even more options." More and more businesses are coming to the same conclusion as Branson.
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Are BitCoins Tax Exempt?

Just in time for tax season, the Canada Revenue Agency says the users of Bitcoins will have to pay tax on transactions in the upstart digital currency. BitCoins are a fringe online currency that ente...