Bitumen Bubble


Pipeline Wars Take On Different Tone

After decades of being out of sight and out of mind, pipelines are booming again in Canada with proposals for 14 new or expanded oil and gas pipeline projects. Compare that to five years ago, when th...

Pushing Hard For Another Pipeline

SAINT JOHN, N.B. - Alberta Premier Alison Redford stepped up her efforts to promote a proposal to ship oil to the East Coast, saying Canada needs the project to go ahead to improve access to lucrative...
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Bitumen Bubble BS

Most Albertans do not believe the so-called "bitumen bubble" is the prime source of the province's financial woes, according to a new poll. Since Premier Alison Redford introduced the "bitumen bubble"...

The Bitumen Bubble Myth

Industry and government claims that Canada is losing as much as $70 million a day on bitumen exports due to "double discounts" in oil markets and a lack of pipeline capacity are untrue, says a new fin...

Oilsands Take Another Hit

CALGARY - Suncor Energy (TSX:SU) announced Wednesday it was not going ahead with its troubled Voyageur oilsands upgrader projectSuncor chief executive Steve Williams said market conditions have change...

Bitumen Bubble = Made In Canada

The bitumen bubble is Made in Alberta, said Doug Griffiths. Speaking to the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) on Tuesday, the municipalities minister said a glut of Alber...

Why Alberta Needs a Diversified Economy, and 3 Ways We Can Get There

The Alberta government is facing a deficit in the area of $4 billion. By now we have all heard the discussions regarding the recommended courses of action that the government should take to make sure that Alberta's finances get back into the black; reform Alberta's taxation system (although the budget saw no such reforms), cut government spending, and diversify Alberta's energy export markets.

Horner Asks For Budget Help

CALGARY - Alberta Finance Minister Doug Horner says he wants to hear from experts at a summit this summer about how best to predict energy prices for future budgets.The province's Progressive Conserva...

Beyond The Bubble: A Recipe for a Stronger Alberta

With all the gloom-and-doom swirling around Edmonton this week, an outside observer might conclude a state funeral was in the works instead of an annual budget presentation. Yet while Premier Redford undeniably has tough decisions to make, there are promising signals that she is looking beyond bubbles and examining a range of more enduring solutions to the province's challenges.

Alberta - Canada's 'Banana Republic'?

Canadians are taking in the daily news stories out of Alberta and are seriously beginning to wonder whether the country's once-richest province is on its way to becoming a banana republic within the Confederation.

The Bitumen Bubble: Redford Needs To Bite The Bullet

Either you raise taxes or cut services to millions of Albertans. Or both. You can't make a balanced budget exist out of no where, although the  Redford Conservatives have tried by calling their previous budget balanced by excluding capital funding. Skirting the fundamental problems with Alberta's governing party can only go so far and a part in government can only run around the issue for so long before reality hits.