Blackberry Playbook


BlackBerry Tablet?

ORLANDO, Fla. - BlackBerry executives delivered a lengthy list of new announcements this week at the smartphone maker's annual conference, but the buzz has already shifted to what the company may be s...

PlayBook 2.0?

TORONTO - BlackBerry chief executive Thorsten Heins hasn't ruled out taking another swing at the tablet industry, after earlier versions of its PlayBook failed to catch on with consumers."We're thinki...
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In Canada, iPad Is King

TORONTO - The iPad is still king, those addicted to their tablets read more news and watch more streaming video, and the popular gadgets are mostly used at home, even though they're often called "mobi...

RIM Strikes Gold With New Corporate Tablet

The company demonstrated the 2.0 update of the PlayBook software at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last month in Las Vegas and it's pretty amazing. The PlayBook will now have a native email application that acts as a hub for all of your social needs, bringing in feeds from Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Tablet Ownership Triples In Canada

TORONTO - Tablet ownership nearly tripled in Canada last year and will continue to surge in 2012, according to a report by the Media Technology Monitor.Among anglophones, tablet ownership was at about...