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What We've Done to the Environment Is Haunting Us Now

It's becoming clearer that what we are putting into the environment is returning to haunt us, resulting in unnecessary loss of lives, malnourishment, disease and starvation. Another key lesson is, the developed nations are not shielded from climate change, nor do they have the capacity to deal with a devastation of such cataclysmic proportion as the recent severe weather event in Colorado.

Canada House Prices

TORONTO - National resale housing activity continued to rise in December, up 1.8 per cent compared with November, the Canadian Real Estate Association said Monday. CREA says the December figures repre...

Loonie Falls Below 95 Cents

TORONTO - The Canadian dollar continued to lose ground Tuesday as worsening economic prospects and worries about a Greek government default sent traders to the perceived safe haven of U.S. Treasury bo...
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Retail Sales Up Slightly In May

MONTREAL - Consumers bought garden equipment, building materials and sporting goods due to better weather in May, sending up retail sales modestly for the month and leading some economists to predict that growth will revive in the months ahead.Statistics Canada said Friday that sales edged up 0.1 per cent in May to $37.5 billion with declines at car dealers and food and beverage stores.