Bob Rae Resigns

Bob Rae, the Liberal MP and former interim leader of the party, will resign his Toronto Centre seat. An emotional Rae, 64, told his Liberal colleagues of his decision at Wednesday's party caucus meeti...

Bob Rae Was More Than A Politician

Bob Rae's sudden retirement announcement shouldn't have come as a complete surprise and yet it left everyone in a kind of shock that only gets reserved for those whose lives have counted for something. History will reveal that Bob Rae outgrew all the labels that people used to identify him. They will remember him as a recipient of the Order of Canada, as chancellor of Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Senior Fellow at Massey College. Twice under consideration as the Governor General of Canada, we will yet hear of his further exploits. Politics is a phase; service to others is a life, and Bob Rae isn't nearly finished with the latter.
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Patriating the Constitution and the Charter

The recent flurry about patriating the Canadian constitution has brought back a flood of memories, and some reflections. Patriation was not an exercise in partisanship. Neither was the Charter. The origins of the desire to "bring the Constitution home" go back decades.

Key To Liberal Party #Rebuild

OTTAWA - For every Liberal lapel pin on a partisan at the party's leadership forum Sunday, there were thousands more digital booster badges tagged to supporters' social media profiles.From Twitter pos...

Rae Slams 'Buy-Election' Campaign

Interim federal Liberal leader Bob Rae used a byelection campaign stop in Labrador to freshen the party's attack against former Tory MP Peter Penashue, while questions continue to swirl over a mystery...

Why Stephen Harper Can't Destroy the Liberal Party

The Liberals have been defeated badly before and have been able to come back. Defeats are serious, but we should never make the mistake of thinking them permanent. We owe each other; we owe generations to come, a re-commitment to the enduring strength of the liberal idea. We are fighting for prosperity for all Canadians -- social justice for all -- and a sustainable society and economy for all Canadians. The values and approach of the Liberal party matter to too many Canadians for us to ever think of abdicating the important role we all will share in shaping the Canada of tomorrow.

WATCH: Toasts, Roasts For Bob Rae

OTTAWA - As federal MPs prepare to go back to their ridings for two weeks, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae is packing up his office.Wednesday marked Rae's final meeting with the Liberal caucus as the p...

Harper, Rae Trade 'Ugly' Comments

OTTAWA - Things got ugly in the House of Commons — literally.With opposition accusations flying over the resignation last week of Labrador MP Peter Penashue, Prime Minister Stephen Harper again heaped...

Attitude Adjustment Needed

MONTREAL - The new leader of Quebec's Liberal party has called for an attitude overhaul when it comes to language in the province and criticized current legislation to protect French.Philippe Couillar...

Keystone In 'National Interest'

SASKATOON - Interim federal Liberal Leader Bob Rae says the party continues to stand behind the Keystone XL oilsands pipeline project.Rae, who is on his final tour as leader, made the comments Thursda...