Bombardier Cseries


Don't Dismiss Support For Bombardier As 'Corporate Welfare'

As debate about federal support for the biggest player in Canada's aerospace industry, Bombardier, has heated up over the last few months, critics have come forward to say that investing in Bombardier would be a mistake, and that the company should be left to sink or swim on its own. They couldn't be more wrong.
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Actually, Bombardier Is Not A 'Proven Winner'

Progressive economist Jim Stanford invites us to reimagine Bombardier's demand for another taxpayer handout as an exciting opportunity for an "equity investment." In his view, focusing on the usual metrics for businesses -- such as "does the company make money?" or "can it actually sell the products it makes?" -- is evidence of a dangerous affliction he refers to as "market fundamentalism."

Bombardier Back In The Air

MONTREAL - Bombardier says that test flights resumed for its CSeries aircraft after the jet was grounded for more than three months due to an engine failure.The airplane maker says one of the CSeries...

China Buys Canadian

Bombardier has finally disclosed a closely held secret that it has pierced the crucial Chinese market by identifying that one of country's top leasing companies is the previously unidentified customer...

Bombardier Can't Get It Up

MONTREAL - Bombardier Aerospace says it has delayed the first test flight for the new CSeries aircraft again because it wants to ensure its customers receive a "reliable" jet for operation.The last of...