Most Canadians Don't Expect a Bonus This Year -- Do You?

Not expecting a holiday bonus for 2013? If you're Canadian then you share the majority's sentiment. According to a survey only 37 per cent of Canadians expect to be rewarded by their employers for working hard throughout the year with a bonus. That means only one in three Canadians expect to get a little something extra. Apparently, Canadians don't share the same optimism as other workers around the globe since that's 11 per cent lower than the average worldwide.

The Perks of Being a Public Servant

Whatever happened to the old fashioned idea that one's salary was sufficient to guarantee the recipient fulfilling the job he was hired for? It staggers the imagination how so many of the Toronto Community Housing Commission got six-figure salaries, and bonuses that reached 20 per cent of their salaries. One has to give new CEO Gene Jones a chance, but a recent interview was somewhat disquieting when he was quoted saying he had no problem defending a 20 per cent salary bonus after his first year if he meets certain standards.