Boston Bombing

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How Running Helped Me Deal With Sexual Abuse

Three weeks before last year's Boston marathon, I had reached another crux moment in my life. A secret that I had buried deep inside -- an overwhelming feeling of shame that had inevitably been an underlying factor in my life-long battles with addiction and depression, had finally come to the surface and needed to be set free. I somehow mustered the inner strength to do what I thought I would never do -- I disclosed to my family and friends that I was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The moment those words came out, I started get that "voice" back that had been taken away from me at such a young age.

You Have the Right Not To Read Dzhokhar His Rights -- But Don't Complain Later

If law enforcement made a calculated decision that knowing whatever information Dzhokhar Tsarnev might possess was more important than being able to use that information in a legal case against him, I can respect that. But if they expected they could have it both ways -- questioning Dzhokhar without informing him of his rights, then trying to worm Dzhokhar's answers into court by blowing a public safety exception far beyond its reasonable scope, then there is a problem. A problem I sincerely hope a court will be quick to point out. And a problem that only law enforcement can be blamed for not foreseeing.

When We Rationalize Terrorism, Our Moral Compass Busts

Would someone who thinks that the U.S. is deserving of violence on its own soil think the same way if they lost a child in the Boston bombing? Would this misplaced empathy with the terrorists still work if one's own legs were blown off by shrapnel? When Peter Mansbridge asked Liberal leader Justin Trudeau what he would do, as prime minister, in the immediate aftermath of an attack like the one in Boston, Trudeau said that "we have to look at the root causes." But the root cause is only depravity. The line between seeking to understand this depravity, and seeking to justify it, is fine and must be tread upon with care.

The Boston Bombers Are Not the "Other"

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was an ordinary college kid, who looks rather like a young Justin Trudeau. No one predicted what he would do. Like aliens from outer space who blend in with humans until they are ready to take over the world, they walk among us. As so we ask for a foolproof test to detect them -- a way to know who will be radicalized, and why and by whom.

Whatever Your Ideology, the Boston Bombing Proved It

Watching the web over the last six days, it's been breathtaking to observe how every single phase of the Boston bombing has been politicized by every single ideological faction. To lunatic conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, who already believe the American government brutalizes its citizens for fun and profit, Boston proved... well, that. If you're a paranoia alarmist who thinks that lunatic conspiracy theorists are taking over the internet, Boston surely proved that, too. This is why, when terror strikes, it's best to simply follow the news, mourn the dead, and move on. Politicizing carnage may be bad taste, but it's truly awful politics.