Boston Bombings

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Terrorists Can't Take the Boston Marathon Away From Me

Boston for me is a vivid memory. It's getting to the Toronto airport and seeing all those Boston jackets. It's seeing the banners on the streets, it's visiting the finish line, or holding The Jacket for the first time, or looking up at the signs at the corner of Hereford and Boylston. It's about school bus rides, the village and high fives with kids on trampolines. It's about beer on the course, a kiss at Wellesley Hills that make you remember why it broke someone's heart. It's about the growing crowds, the Citgo sign and Fenway, and noontime baseball. It's about the everything about 26.2 but also what happens alongside that course, and of the days before and after that day.

REPORT: Gunfire In Watertown

Update: The second suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was captured on Friday night. Read the story here. A dragnet seemingly lifted from the script of a Hollywood action movie had Americans on the edge of th...
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WASHINGTON - Bloody bombings. Armed and dangerous terrorists on the loose. A monstrous explosion in rural Texas just up the road from infamous Waco. A poison scare.The United States is in the iron gri...

Boston Bombings: Don't Look For the Helpers

I remember a day in September, 2001, that shifted my world. I watched it unfold in front of me, two planes crashing into two towers, and all the pain and grief and disbelief that followed. I remember watching my daughter, just two days before her second birthday, and thinking that even though she was far too young to realize it her world had forever been altered.

MPs Unite After Boston Tragedy

OTTAWA - The House of Commons has unanimously passed a motion condemning the Boston Marathon bombing and expressing condolences to the victims and their families.The motion was presented by Ryan Leef,...

U.S. Nuke Plants Tighten Security

WASHINGTON - Nuclear power plants in Massachusetts and New Hampshire have increased security after two bombs exploded in Boston on Monday, killing at least two people and injuring dozens. The Pilgrim...