Boston Bombs


Blaming America For the Boston Bombing

According to senior UN official Richard Falk, the killing and maiming of all those innocent people at the Boston marathon can be rationally explained as a by-product of America's many geopolitical acts of attempted global domination. This is similar to Trudeau's conclusion.
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WASHINGTON - Bloody bombings. Armed and dangerous terrorists on the loose. A monstrous explosion in rural Texas just up the road from infamous Waco. A poison scare.The United States is in the iron gri...
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Why Anger Doesn't Help Boston Bombing Victims

It's easy to get angry and emotional about the horrific events at the Boston Marathon. In the immediate aftermath of the blasts that killed three and injured more than 140 people, the temptation to seek answers, to find someone to blame, some way to explain a senseless act of violence, often overrules our ability to be compassionate, helpful and empathic. I am not asking people to put aside all emotions -- that would be impossible. But in the wake of this tragedy, before you ask "who's to blame?" ask instead: "How can I help?"