WATCH: We Still Love This Guy

As a young man, the whole thing would not have fazed him. Jarome Iginla blamed age, or perhaps the fact he is now a dad, but on Monday he said he feared his return to his former home ice on Tuesday, f...

A Masterpiece of a Stanley Cup Final

Bergeron playing with a punctured lung, Hossa's wonky back, or Campbell finishing his shift on a broken leg -- none of it was anything special to watch for me as a former hockey player. That is just what hockey players do because we love the game and more importantly we love to compete.

Blackhawks Or Bruins?

The countdown continues. Two squads boasting an abundance of championship pedigree continued to prepare as the Stanley Cup final approaches, and the Edmonton Oilers hope they've found the right man to...

The Leafs Lost, But Look on the Bright Side

For the first time in eons, the city that was once the heart of hockey (with Montreal being the soul) was back in the Stanley Cup playoff picture. All told, it was good for the franchise, good for the fans, and good for the city. Hell, it was good for hockey...