Boston Marathon Attack


REPORT: Gunfire In Watertown

Update: The second suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was captured on Friday night. Read the story here. A dragnet seemingly lifted from the script of a Hollywood action movie had Americans on the edge of th...
Kenny Yum

Runners Are My Family -- These Bombs Hit Our Home

Marathoners have a shared experience because not many other people go through the training and work that goes into long-distance running. In some ways, I just can't explain it other than to say I've never really met a runner I wouldn't want to go on a 5K run with, or share stories over a few pints. On race day, that course, filled with my people, lined by our family, makes a race, be it Boston, Chicago, Toronto, MCM, my house. And I think that's what I feel about the Boston Marathon bombings. Those attacks hit in a way I'm still trying to figure out how to process. Yesterday, our house was attacked. Our friends and our family. Our fellow racers -- no, runners. And that's why I think it hurts.
Kenny Yum

At The Boston Marathon, The Sweetest Finish Soured

It's been called the sweetest left turn in the world, the corner of Hereford that leads to the final stretch of the Boston Marathon on Boylston Street. For a few hours, once a year, Boylston becomes the hallowed ground for thousands of runners. Boston on this day doesn't become the name of the city. It's the name of the race, run on Patriot's Day, also known by those who line the 26.2 mile route as "Marathon Monday." Citizens and runners alike love the event. No question. So when I heard about bombs and Boston, it was a shock to the system. I know more than several runners down there and I've literally been in their shoes, struggling down that final straightaway. The finish of the Boston Marathon is the happiest place for a runner, where dreams are fulfilled.