Brain Injury

Diabetes Drug Could Rebuild Brains

For half a century, a drug called metformin has been making life better for people suffering from Type II diabetes. Now, Canadian researchers are finding that it could also offer remarkable benefits for something completely different. There is evidence that metformin can help an injured brain repair itself.
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How Many Deaths Will it Take Before We Redefine Masculinity?

News that former NHL enforcer Todd Ewen's recent death was ruled a suicide saddened me. There is no doubt in my mind that competitive sports exact a physical and mental toll on professional athletes -- deaths are not just the consequences of a violent game and the long-term nefarious effects of injuries incurred on these athlete's bodies and brains, but a reflection of a society that does not allow for its men to be weak.
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What Bruce Springsteen Taught Me About My Brain Injury

I had just been diagnosed as having a traumatic brain injury and I was already playing games. My brother Keith, a family practice physician, didn't waste any time. "We need to determine the extent of your memory loss. This may feel a bit strange but if you can come up with the names of these songs, we'll have a better sense of your memory loss. Don't think of this as an exercise, think of it as an opportunity to play 'Name That Tune.' It will be fun!"
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I'm Saying Goodbye to My OCD

My OCD began manifesting itself after I processed the fact that I had been in a severe car accident which had resulted in my being in a coma for six weeks, a traumatic brain injury, and my almostdying. Since that time, I learned that unexpected, bizarre things can and do happen all the time.

How My Brain Injury Taught Me to Relax

I used to thrive on stress and deadlines. Everything changed a few years ago, when I suffered a concussion. I was forced to "live in the moment" and slow down. As a yogi for many years, I never truly understood the meaning of "letting go" and "being present" until my brain injury. I didn't have the choice, rushing through my life was no longer an option.