Uncomfortable Undergarments Women Wore In History

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Can you believe women once wore these undergarments? From the AOL Partner Studio

Surprising Tricks To Solve Your Bra-Wearing Woes

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Bras: Fabric Prisons For Your Chest Or Silky Saviours? Discuss.

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We weigh the pros and cons and — spoiler alert! — there are more cons.

A Guide To Finding The Right Bra For Your Dress

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The ultimate bra guide.

How to Find the Perfect Bra

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Sacha DeVoretz

I am a curvy woman, so finding a bra that fits in all the right places is a challenge. Over the years, having the right information for a great fitting bra, has made the difference between a comfortable happy day and a day where I am feeling tugging and pain from my bra straps.

How To Keep Bra Straps In Place All Day Long

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13 Scenarios Only Women With Big Boobs Will Understand

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The Best Valentine's Day Lingerie

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So you want to get a Valentine's Day gift for your special someone but you don't want to get them dinner, chocolates or a bad tie. Rather than spen...

This Bra Only Unhooks If You're In Love

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Remember chastity belts? Well, Japanese company Ravijour has updated the old-fashioned clothing lock with a new bra that they say only unhooks its...

Is It Okay To Let Your Bra Straps Show?

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NEW YORK, N.Y. - The four lead characters on HBO's "Girls" wear bras and underwear, and so do real women. These are the few consistent items in the...