Brian Burke


You'll Lose the Fight Against NHL Violence

Honestly, I don't know what I'm more tired of, and I don't know what exhausts me more: fighting in the National Hockey League, or the debate that has raged like a wildfire for as long as I can recall on the contentious issue of... fighting in the National Hockey League. Fighting's going nowhere. Don Cherry will stop prefacing every comment he makes with "I gotta tell ya" before fighting is banned. Players will stop wearing protective cups. And arenas around the league will stop overcharging for beer. Why? Because it's fighting that puts the National Hockey League at the top of sportscasts.
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He CAN Sue Online Commenters

Former Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks general manager Brian Burke has received a favourable ruling in his bid to track down people he claims made defamatory comments about him on the intern...

Bye Bye Brian

TORONTO - Brian Burke never saw it coming.Driving to the airport on Wednesday morning, his thoughts centred around the end of the NHL lockout and what he might be able to do to bolster the Toronto Map...