Budget 2012 Cuts


Bill C-38: The Tories' Soiled Green

Nearly half of Bill C-38 is directed at rewriting Canada's foundational environmental laws. Putting all this in a fast-track budget bill, with time allocation on debate, and heading to the Finance Committee, is a direct assault on the principles of parliamentary democracy.

Mulcair Caters To Quebec On Budget

OTTAWA - Thomas Mulcair's New Democrats are moving to reclaim the opposition spotlight in the House of Commons after being overshadowed by the tiny Liberal team during their marathon leadership contes...

Non-cents! Pennies To Go Away

OTTAWA -- There may still be pennies from heaven, but they won't be coming from the mint much longer. The humble one-cent piece is set to disappear from Canadian pockets, a victim of inflation. Thursd...

Budget: No Plans For New Prisons

OTTAWA - The federal budget promises no new prisons will be built, and says branches of Canada's security apparatus will face $688 million in spending cuts between now and 2015.The move comes despite...

Budget Includes $7 Billion In Cuts

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper's disciples have waited six years for an unapologetically conservative budget.Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says they are going to get it Thursday."Yeah, I think this one is go...

Mulcair Gets Scrappy With Tories

OTTAWA - Know your enemy, know yourself.The time-worn Sun Tzu axiom may as well have been tattooed on Thomas Mulcair's right hand as he arrived Monday for his first day on Parliament Hill as the leade...

Mystery Tory Budget Cuts

OTTAWA - The country could see seniors left in the cold, fisherman stranded on cliffs and unsafe food getting to stores if the Conservative government proceeds with billions in spending cuts, public s...