Budget Cuts 2012


Petition Targets Conservative Cuts

EDMONTON - More than 2,900 people from around the world have signed an online petition aimed at saving a unique open-air freshwater laboratory from federal government budget cuts.About one-third of th...

How About Stimulating the Poor AND the Economy

Debts and deficits, the reasoning goes, are more important than combating unemployment or poverty. It is an either/or choice. It's not. The imperative is both a moral one -- to help the poor, help youth facing an uncertain job market, and help the unemployed -- and an economic one as helping these groups ultimately foster economic growth.

There's Nothing Canadian About This Budget

Whether it's marginalizing low-income seniors by increasing the qualifying age for OAS, or cutting funds to regional development programs that create jobs, or not announcing any new funding for affordable housing -- when the existing program funds are set to expire soon -- this budget is simply wrongheaded, misguided, prejudicial, and disconnected from the needs of Canadians.


It should come as no surprise that the Harper Conservatives used their first majority-government budget to kill the Katimavik program. The government did so because Katimavik's mandate is to engage youth and foster community, and the Conservatives don't support these goals.

Where Budget Cuts May Hit Hardest

A national research group says Atlantic Canada will lose a disproportionate number of jobs as the federal government cuts the civil service. David MacDonald wrote the report for the Canadian Centre...