Three Questions To Ask Before Bringing BYOD Into Your Workplace

Matthew Held | Posted 06.05.2014 | Canada Business
Matthew Held

If you have a "bring your own device" policy in place, employees need be informed that your company is monitoring data on their devices. You need to be clear that you are not interested in their personal data. Clarify what data will be monitored, what settings will be modified, how information will be used and how long it will be saved in your policy.

Can We Control Company Privacy on Personal Devices?

Elaine Mah | Posted 02.12.2013 | Canada Business
Elaine Mah

I remain amazed by the proliferation of personal devices in today's homes. Therefore it comes as little surprise that the impact of personal devices is hitting the enterprise. Let's face it, you can either to embrace personal devices in the workplace and proactively put security measures in place, or you can deal with the aftermath when employees will inevitably find their own work-around.