Cabinet Shuffle


Fantino OUT At Veterans Affairs

OTTAWA — On the night of last year's infamous televised showdown between Julian Fantino and angry veterans, one of those sent in ahead of time to smooth the way was Erin O'Toole, the man who on Monday...

Cabinet Shuffle and the Road to 2015

A cabinet shuffle can be a means to revive a political brand. In the case of the Harper Conservative government, the recent cabinet shuffle was an attempt at renewal, bringing in new ministers -- incl...


Steven Fletcher didn't see it coming. Up until Monday morning he was the minister of state for transport in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet and then suddenly, he was out. In an inte...

Enemies Among Us

OTTAWA - Immigration lawyer Barbara Jackman doesn't know if the Conservative government has an "enemies" list, but if they do, she figures she's probably on it.Jackman, a prominent immigration advocat...

New Ministers Given 'Enemy' Lists

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office asked staff to include a list of "friend and enemy stakeholders" in their transition binders for new ministers appointed in Monday's cabinet...

Ethics Watchdog To Review Shakeup

The federal ethics commissioner will be reviewing the files of 27 cabinet members as a result of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's shakeup. Mary Dawson's office will take a look at all of the...

Jason Kenney's 10 Biggest Blunders as Immigration Minister

This spring, Alberta MP Jason Kenney became the longest continually serving Immigration Minister in Canadian history, according to his department. With the Cabinet Shuffle, his tenure ends. What better time to review the Immigration Minister's biggest blunders on this ever important file? Perhaps this will serve as a cautionary tale to the new Minister.

New, Old Faces In Harper's Cabinet

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has shuffled his federal cabinet. A list of its members (in order of precedence):— Stephen Harper, prime minister;— Bernard Valcourt, minister of aboriginal affa...

Financial Perks Of A Cabinet Spot

OTTAWA - A promotion into the prime minister's inner circle instantly ups a member of Parliament's political cachet.But becoming a cabinet minister or parliamentary secretary also brings with it finan...


OTTAWA - To get a feeling for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet shuffle, a glance at the seating arrangement inside Rideau Hall's august ballroom spoke volumes.In the front rows, veteran cabinet...

Ready.. Set..

OTTAWA - All ministers and deputy ministers have been summoned back to Ottawa as Prime Minister Stephen Harper shuffles his front bench and sets in place the team that will carry the Conservative gove...

Cabinet Shuffle: Who May Be Demoted?

OTTAWA — Government insiders are gearing up for what could be Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s largest cabinet shuffle since the Tories first formed a government in 2006. It will be a massive cabinet s...

Rebooting The Tories

Some are calling it a mid-mandate re-boot. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to give his inner circle a sweeping overhaul – and he's widely expected to install fresh, younger faces to replace...

Major Cabinet Shuffle Now In Flux

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper's summer schedule for major political moves appears to have been thwarted yet again by an unforeseen catastrophe.Conservative sources say a major cabinet shuffle that was initi...

Time for Another Mysterious Cabinet Shuffle

Certainly if all the rumours are to be believed, a shuffle, supposedly a large one is due in the next few weeks. The signs are there with departments preparing ministerial transitional briefing books and talk about a cabinet retreat in the third week of July beginning to circulate.

Harper Announces Cabinet Shuffle

OTTAWA -- A veteran politician approvingly described as a "street fighter" by one native leader has been appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take on the trouble-plagued Aboriginal Affairs mi...

Media Bites: Five Things the Media Got Wrong in 2012

Well, I mocked and I teased but in the end, I couldn't resist. Year-end retrospectives might be trite, but dagnabbit, they're also a lot of fun. So here's my picks for the "Top Five Media Bites Moments of 2012", also known as the "Top Five Times the Canadian Press Was Inadvertently More Interesting Than the Stories They Were Trying to Cover."