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G20 Must Discuss What G8 Was Scared To

Any sense that the G8 constitutes the apex of global decision-making is long gone. Nor is the G8 the hub of global networking anymore. Whereas the G8 aimed to find a comfort zone in its core membership, the G20 sees values in wider consultation -- with the invitation of five "special guests" (Spain, Chile, Colombia, Benin and Cambodia) to the Los Cabos summit on June 18 and 19.

Why Won't Canada's Troubled Friends Take Our Advice?

The G8 Summit was oddly clarifying: With Europe riven with divisions over the euro and the sclerosis of welfare states in aging societies, the United States wrapped up in increasingly parochial domestic politics, Japan adrift and Russia backsliding into authoritarianism, Canada stood alone as a country with healthy economic prospects and a stable government.