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Obama Finds Bipartisan Support For First 'Big Data' Privacy Plan

'People Are Awake': Public Figures Discuss The Reality Of Race In America

Obama Administration Delays Deadline To End Chronic Homelessness Because Of Budget Constraints

Robbie Rogers Got Special Praise From Obama During His Team's White House Visit This Week

Obama Reportedly Wasn't Pleased With Mitt Romney's 2012 Concession Phone Call

EPA Comments Challenge State Department Conclusions On Keystone's Climate Impacts

Obama's Budget Proposal Provides Homes For 67,000 At-Risk Families

Here's Where 2016 Candidates Stand On Vaccinations

Obama Seeks Billions To Boost Cybersecurity Defenses

Obama Proposes New Agency To Make Americans' Food Safer

Obama Reconsidering Lethal Assistance To Ukraine

Christie: Parents Should Have 'Some Measure Of Choice' On Vaccinating Their Children

Obama Budget Sets Up Battle With Republicans

Obama Budget Urges States To Make Deeper Cuts To Emissions

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