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Alberta Utilities Want To Privatize Profits And Socialize Risks

Duncan Kinney | Posted 07.29.2016 | Canada Alberta
Duncan Kinney

Alberta's big utilities and the right-wing anger machine have been busy whipping up misplaced fear and being hilariously wrong over what is a fairly complex subject: the government's plan to sue utilities into honouring their electricity power purchase arrangements, or PPAs.

What B.C. Hydro is Hiding In Its Misleading Site C Poll

DeSmog Canada | Posted 06.16.2016 | Canada British Columbia
DeSmog Canada

B.C. Hydro must have been counting on nobody taking a close look at the questions they asked respondents in a recent public survey about the site C dam, because not only are they misleading, they also tell another story entirely.

Setting The Record Straight On Ontario's Green Energy Plan

Keith Brooks | Posted 05.03.2016 | Canada Politics
Keith Brooks

Ontario is taking a comprehensive approach to cutting emissions, which is a good thing. While some folks may love to hate the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, the reality is that it's the reason Ontario is Canada's clean technology leader. And the coal phase out was the right move, too, which is why it's being emulated by Alberta, why Ontario hit its 2014 GHG emissions target, why our air is now smog-free, and why people like me, who care about the environment and our kids' future, can breathe more easily.

Ontario's Plan To Rebuild Nuclear Plants Is Reckless And Irresponsible

Mike Schreiner | Posted 01.19.2017 | Canada Politics
Mike Schreiner

The Ontario Liberals are betting $13 billion of your dollars on rebuilding the Darlington Nuclear Station. It is so risky that no private company will fully insure nuclear plants, and it prompted Standard & Poor's to downgrade Ontario Power Generation's credit rating in 2012. But whatever the reason, the Liberals are failing to capitalize on economic opportunities for Ontario. This means we risk missing out on the global renewable energy revolution. Investors and countries are acting now to take advantage of dramatically falling prices for renewable energy.

How Going Green Can Empower Some Of Canada's Most Deprived Groups

The Huffington Post Canada | Kait Howell | Posted 09.27.2015 | Canada Impact

This is what real reconciliation looks like...

The Industrialization of B.C.'s Wilderness Puts Politics Before Posterity

DeSmog Canada | Posted 09.01.2016 | Canada British Columbia
DeSmog Canada

An ugly thread of misspent taxpayer dollars, environmental destruction and conflict-of-interest -- backed by a government beholden to the mining industry -- runs along the recently completed Northwest Transmission Line, charges acclaimed explorer and scholar Wade Davis.

Renewable Energy Sources Mean Higher Electricity Bills

Kenneth P. Green | Posted 06.27.2015 | Canada Business
Kenneth P. Green

In the debate over how electricity should be provided, we often hear lofty and optimistic projections. But if national and international experiences can teach us anything, it's that so far, more renewable generation leads to one thing -- higher prices.

Why Has South Africa Plunged Itself Into Darkness -- Again?

David Himbara | Posted 02.14.2015 | Canada
David Himbara

South Africa's current electricity shortage is making it nearly impossible to supply households and industries sufficient power. This is not the first time that South Africa has been plunged into darkness -- the 2008 power crisis was equally painful.

How Wind and Solar Lower Your Electricity Bill in Alberta

David Dodge | Posted 01.31.2015 | Canada Alberta
David Dodge

Solar energy in Alberta is still a tiny fraction of the total electricity mix, only five megawatts, but it's growing. Higher prices for solar electricity would certainly accelerate the process and get more clean solar energy on the grid more quickly, also helping Alberta with one of the biggest challenges it faces - reducing emissions in our fossil-fuel economy.

Anti-Energy Activists Don't Want to Talk About Energy Poverty

Kenneth P. Green | Posted 09.29.2014 | Canada Politics
Kenneth P. Green

Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth like to frame the energy-discussion as if it only has a few very simple dimensions. Theirs is a very simple narrative of environmental protection versus corporate profits. What they don't want to discuss is the reality that right now 2.5 billion human beings are living impoverished lives because they have insufficient access to energy.

Warren Buffett Is No Threat to Canada

Mark Milke | Posted 08.24.2014 | Canada Politics
Mark Milke

Foreign investment is a win-win-win-win proposition for countries, consumers, the economy and shareholders. The only losers? Companies who dislike competition -- or people who think Warren Buffett poses an existential threat to Alberta.

Why Optimism Is Our Only Gateway To a Cleaner Future

Mark Milke | Posted 07.27.2014 | Canada Politics
Mark Milke

Some Canadians seek to create new opportunities, expand the economy, hire more people and provide opportunities. They might even -- gasp -- argue that governments are better off and have more revenues (without raising taxes) when entrepreneurs are allowed to flourish.

What Canada's Export Numbers Tell Us About Global Demand

Peter Hall | Posted 06.09.2014 | Canada
Peter Hall

Last week's merchandise trade figures were pretty impressive, all things considered. Weather has wracked a lot of January and February indicators, but...

NEB Predicts Rosy Future for Canadian Energy

Kenneth P. Green | Posted 01.28.2014 | Canada Business
Kenneth P. Green

The National Energy Board (NEB), Canada's chief energy regulator, has come out with a new report projecting energy development in Canada out to 2035. The potential for growth (and economic benefits to Canadians) is massive, but the NEB shares our concerns that the potential for bottlenecks and infrastructure short-falls imperil this projected growth.

The Liberals' Energy Planning is Driven By What Works for the Liberals, Not For the People of Ontario

Mike Schreiner | Posted 12.10.2013 | Canada Politics
Mike Schreiner

Our energy future requires innovation, entrepreneurialism and community engagement. Politicians moving around power plants like chess pieces won't work. We need to change the way the game is played and what we play it with. The stakes are higher than the billion dollars we've already wasted.

Songs For The 2003 Blackout-aversary

HuffPost Canada Music | Posted 08.14.2013 | Canada Music

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the great Blackout of 2003 that sent much of eastern Canada and the U.S into darkness for days. In commemorati...

Alberta Wind Power Report Blows

Kenneth P. Green | Posted 08.19.2013 | Canada Alberta
Kenneth P. Green

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) has released a "windvision" plan for Alberta that, not-surprisingly calls for the province to build a lot more wind-power capacity. CanWEA suggests that while the province currently generates 1,100 Megawatts of wind-power, it could install nearly five times as much. Of course, they point out that Alberta's competitive energy system makes it hard to get wind-power construction financed. But they have a solution to that, calling on policymakers to institute a clean energy standard in Alberta, and asking them to hike Alberta's carbon tax.

Attempt To Stall Power Line Shot Down

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 05.25.2013 | Canada Alberta

EDMONTON - A judge has ruled against an attempt to stall a controversial high-voltage power line northeast of Edmonton.The Heartland Transmission line...

Light Up Alberta Doubles Down on Solar Electricity in Alberta

David Dodge | Posted 12.29.2012 | Canada Alberta
David Dodge

To Warren Sarauer putting a solar electric system on his roof was a no-brainer but when some innovative electricity retailers in Alberta decided to offer almost double the going rate for his exported solar energy he was ecstatic. Sarauer is a big solar energy supporter - through his company Evergreen and Gold Renewable Energy he puts renewable energy systems into people's homes. But last year he tackled a project that would set an example for his clients, he built a net-zero office.

The Only Thing Stopping this Economy is Darkness...Literally

Mariah Griffin-Angus | Posted 07.29.2012 | Canada Travel
Mariah Griffin-Angus

Kampala has many advantages driving growth. It is resource rich. From a tourism perspective, the country is beautiful and, in comparison to Nairobi or Cape Town, it's quite safe. In some ways the country is well suited to lead Africa in economic development. Like being in the dark, literally. Unreliable electricity goes beyond being a mere hindrance; it can be life threatening.

Light Bulb! How to Fix Ontario's Power Problems

Tim Hudak | Posted 07.17.2012 | Canada
Tim Hudak

Ontario has lots of advantages. We have a skilled workforce and hungry entrepreneurs. But to get our economy moving again, we need energy policies that will keep prices under control for entrepreneurs, industry, and households alike, while ensuring that the system is reliable and sustainable.

Feds Low-Balling Carbon Emissions From Hydro By Factor Of 20?

CP | Posted 03.19.2012 | Canada Politics

A study by an environmental group suggests the federal government may be underestimating greenhouse gas emissions from hydro developments by a factor ...

Green Energy Could Cost Ontario More

CP | Maria Babbage, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.17.2011 | Canada Politics

TORONTO - Ontario residents could end up paying some of the highest costs for electricity in the developing world because providing wind and solar ene...

Will Canada's Hydropower Boom Help Cool the Climate?

Will Braun | Posted 11.19.2011 | Canada
Will Braun

Leaders in the Canadian hydropower industry believe North America can dam its way to a cooler climate, but some experts say that continual increases in energy supply -- whatever the source -- are not the optimal response to the climate crunch. The answer is not more energy, but much more efficient use of it.