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Canada's Only First Nations Health Authority Is Flawed: Audit

CP | Camille Bains, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.02.2016 | Canada British Columbia

The authority said its concentrating on "accountability" going forward.

Manitoba First Nations Need $2B To Fix Mouldy, Overcrowded Homes

CP | Chinta Puxley, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.01.2016 | Canada Politics

That's almost 13 times more than the $150 million the federal government has budgeted for housing on all reserves across Canada this year.

If Indigenous Languages Die, Cultures Will Go With Them: B.C. Chief

CP | Edith M. Lederer, The Associated Press | Posted 01.26.2016 | Canada British Columbia

"People are passionate about not letting language die."

Deaths Of First Nations Teens Echo Residential Schools: Chief

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 01.10.2016 | Canada

The inquest resumes Monday.

Canada's First Nations Child Welfare Ruling Is Coming Soon: Group

CP | Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.22.2015 | Canada Politics

The ruling may come as early as this week.

Mantioba First Nations Step Up After Record Number Of Kids In Care

CP | Chinta Puxley, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.20.2015 | Canada

"It's giving them a voice.''

Don't Rush An Inquiry Into Missing Murdered Indigenous Women

Lara Koerner Yeo | Posted 11.23.2015 | Canada Politics
Lara Koerner Yeo

If the inquiry itself starts in the summer, as recently indicated, because the government took the time to get the pre-consultation right, that would be a positive thing. If we don't consult properly now, we've sunk the inquiry before it begins. Let's all remember this.

Roberta Jamieson Fights To Close Education Gap For First Nations Kids

The Huffington Post Canada | Julianna McDermott | Posted 11.16.2015 | Canada Living

"If you don't have education, you will not change the picture."

Record Number Of Indigenous MPs Elected To Ottawa

The Huffington Post Canada | Zi-Ann Lum | Posted 10.21.2015 | Canada Politics

Big moment for Canada.

AFN Chief Says He Will Vote, Urges First Nations People To Cast Ballots

The Huffington Post Canada | Jessica Chin | Posted 09.09.2015 | Canada Politics

"You need to be an example. You need to vote."

B.C. First Nations Designer Aims For L.A.'s Fashion Week

The Huffington Post B.C. | Rhianna Schmunk | Posted 09.04.2015 | Canada British Columbia

"My dreams are stronger than my struggles."

Zi-Ann Lum

Minister's Dig At Trudeau, Mulcair Called 'Totally Inappropriate' | Zi-Ann Lum | Posted 07.29.2015 | Canada Politics

"It’s just totally inappropriate for a minister to be playing partisan politics on something this important."

Ex-PM Accuses Harper Gov't Of Underfunding Aboriginal Schools

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 07.13.2015 | Canada Politics

Paul Martin is accusing the Harper government of underfunding aboriginal schools and depriving First Nations children of any real chance of success.

Aboriginals Deserve Good Financial Governance

Jordan Bateman | Posted 06.29.2015 | Canada Politics
Jordan Bateman

The lack of accountability on many reserves is why the Canadian Taxpayers Federation worked with grassroots band members to push for the new First Nations Financial Transparency Act (FNFTA). Among other things, the law requires chiefs and councillors to disclose their pay publicly.

'It's A Chance To Celebrate, But It's Also A Chance To Remember'

The Huffington Post Canada | Evan Pang | Posted 06.20.2015 | Canada Living

"It's a chance to celebrate. But it's also a chance to remember what happened."

The Desire for an Independent Quebec Has Passed Its Peak

Alain Miville de Chêne | Posted 06.14.2015 | Canada Politics
Alain Miville de Chêne

Emotion, not reason, motivates independence movements. The desire for Quebec's independence is an ethnic project: that of the francophone nation composed of the roughly 77 per cent of Quebec's people sharing a common language, history, and culture, and who want to maintain its existence in North America. The project has no meaning otherwise.

Buffy Sainte-Marie Boosts Idle No More, Blasts Stephen Harper

The Huffington Post Canada | Joshua Ostroff | Posted 06.03.2015 | Canada

Buffy Sainte-Marie, adorned in feathers, beads and a bad-ass black leather jacket, is smiling brightly in a sky-scraping hotel suite facing the CN Tow...

Aboriginal Doctors' Program Beats Graduate Target 5 Years Early

CBC | Posted 05.23.2015 | Canada British Columbia

The UBC medical school has already reached its 2020 goal of 50 aboriginal graduates.

Tories Kill Bill Urging 'Harmony' Between Canadian Law And First Nations

The Huffington Post Canada | Zi-Ann Lum | Posted 05.07.2015 | Canada Politics

A NDP-sponsored bill proposing Canada align its laws with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was defeated Wednesday. ...

Most Aboriginal Female Murder Victims Killed By Aboriginal Men: RCMP

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 06.10.2015 | Canada

But the RCMP commissioner said police focus their crime analysis and prevention efforts on the relationships between victims and offenders, not their race.

Democracy in First Nations Communities Requires an Informed Electorate

Ravina Bains | Posted 02.20.2015 | Canada Politics
Ravina Bains

It is unclear why the Chiefs of these 44 communities are choosing to withhold this information from their electorate and Canadian taxpayers. It is particularly peculiar that two of these communities, Weenusk First Nation and Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation, previously published their audited financial statements and have now reversed course. That brings up the question: why are these 44 Chiefs afraid of an informed electorate?

Forgotten Aboriginal Musicians Survived Residential Schools, Police Brutality To Make These Songs

The Huffington Post Canada | Gregory Adams | Posted 03.05.2015 | Canada Music

When Willie Thrasher first hit concert stages in the Northwest Territories during the late 1960s, his band the Cordells played Kinks and the Rolling S...

Lawyer Says Need For First Nations Finances Law Is 'Complete Lie'

The Huffington Post Canada | Zi-Ann Lum | Posted 12.05.2014 | Canada Politics

The federal government’s new financial transparency law for First Nations is a redundant piece of legislation based on a “complete lie,” accordi...

Zi-Ann Lum

Canada Is The Only UN Member To Reject Landmark Indigenous Rights Document | Zi-Ann Lum | Posted 10.03.2014 | Canada Politics

Canada singled itself out as the only country to raise objections over a landmark United Nations document re-establishing the protection of the rights...

These First Nations Have Been With Bad Water For More Than A Decade

CBC | Posted 11.07.2014 | Canada

Nearly half of the 133 First Nations in Ontario currently have boil water advisories, and it has been more than ten years since ten First Nations i...