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It's Time to Wean the Economy Off Oil

Keith Brooks | Posted 02.23.2013 | Canada Politics
Keith Brooks

We should learn from history. What the oil lobby glosses over is that this boom, like every other boom, could go bust. Instead of putting all our eggs in the oil sands basket, instead of digging up Alberta at a break-neck pace, we should be more balanced and strategic in our approach. And we should develop a plan to wean our economy off oil.

No More Room For Canadian Oil?

CP | Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.16.2013 | Canada Business

CALGARY - Two major banks are warning that increased pipeline capacity is badly needed to bring Canadian oil to market.In a report released Monday, TD...

Canada's One-Industry Towns Dying

CP | Michael Tutton, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.15.2013 | Canada Business

HANTSPORT, N.S. - Glenn Rogers appreciated his small-town life in the Maritimes. But the lure of big dollars in Alberta was too strong to resist after...

Oil Price Gap Draining Billions Out Of Economy: Study

CBC | Posted 02.12.2013 | Canada Business

The wide gap between oil’s global benchmark price and what Canadian producers can get for their oil is costing Canada $2.5 billion a month, accordin...

Oil Behind U.S. Funding Of Canadian Environmental Conservation

Vivian Krause | Posted 02.06.2013 | Canada British Columbia
Vivian Krause

The same U.S. foundations that fund conservation in Canada also fund American groups working towards energy security, including a foundation called Securing America's Future Energy. The name says it all. American foundations aim to reduce fossil fuel dependence to stop global warming and strengthen U.S. national, energy and economic security. That's clear. What's unclear is whether they fund conservation initiatives in Canada, in part, to foster U.S. energy security.

The Key to Creating 18,000 New Canadian Jobs

Keith Brooks | Posted 01.23.2013 | Canada Politics
Keith Brooks

We looked at the $1.3 billion in taxpayer money our federal government currently hands to the oil industry in the form of subsidies and asked: what if, instead of subsidizing polluters, the money was invested in industries that cut pollution? We crunched the numbers and found that $1.3 billion invested in renewable energy or energy efficiency could create between 18,000-20,000 jobs.

Finally, A Railway Oil Can Ride On

Diane Francis | Posted 01.20.2013 | Canada Business
Diane Francis

A group of Canadian businessmen has obtained the blessing of Alaskan tribes and Canadian First Nations to build a railroad through their lands that could carry up to five million barrels per day from the oil sands to the super tanker port in Valdez, Alaska. This is truly a nation-building project that must be seriously evaluated by all governments and the oil industry.

Too Many Oilsands Projects Or Not Enough?

The Huffington Post Alberta | Posted 01.16.2013 | Canada Alberta

Canadians need to get with the program and realize how vital Alberta's oilsands are to the economy, says a new report. Deloitte Canada's report, Ga...

Can Canada Really Be an "Energy Superpower"

Keith Brooks | Posted 01.15.2013 | Canada Politics
Keith Brooks

Canada's entire "energy superpower" strategy hinges on high-priced oil, and a recent International Energy Agency report demonstrates that betting on high prices is risky. Canada should pin our future prosperity to the burgeoning renewables market, rather than doubling down on oil. It's the only choice we have for the sake of our environment. And it's the best path forward for our economy, too.

Highway Of Death Kills Woman In Head-On Collision With Tanker

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 01.13.2013 | Canada Alberta

FORT MCMURRAY, - A woman has died in a head-on collision on Highway 63 north of Fort McMurray, Alta.RCMP say the woman was the only occupant of a pick...

Oil Sands May Become 'Outdated Just Like Unmarried Single Women'

The Globe and Mail | Posted 11.07.2012 | Canada Business

Canada’s oil sands risks being left behind by the global energy industry if the pipelines needed to carry bitumen to the west coast do not soon mate...

Alberta First Nation Want Shell Oilsands Hearing Adjourned

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 12.29.2012 | Canada Alberta

FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. - An Alberta First Nation want regulatory hearings on Shell's Jackpine oilsands mine expansion to be adjourned.The Athabasca Chip...

All Canada Benefits From Oilsands: Report.. But Look Who Else Does

CP | Bob Weber, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.24.2012 | Canada Alberta

EDMONTON - Economic benefits from oilsands investment are eye-poppingly large and will be spread across the country, says the Conference Board of Cana...

Oilsands Must Cut Environmental Risks: Ethical Investors

CP | Bob Weber, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.21.2012 | Canada Business

An international group of ethical funds with investments in Alberta's oilsands is concerned the industry's environmental performance could be creating...

Malaysian Takeover Deal Gets Thumbs Down

CP | Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.19.2012 | Canada Business

CALGARY - The proposed $6 billion takeover of Canadian natural gas producer Progress (TSX:PRQ) by Malaysian state-owned energy giant Petronas has hit ...

Rail Companies Have Inside Track For Hauling Crude?

CP | Dean Beeby, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.13.2012 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Rail companies face no regulatory hurdles for hauling western Canadian crude oil to markets, but pipelines — which do face such hurdles —...

Why Fort McMurray Hates Journalists

Theresa Wells | Posted 12.09.2012 | Canada Alberta
Theresa Wells

It's gotten to the point where people in this region are wary of journalists. I've had some visiting journalists comment to me that they were surprised at how reluctant people have been to speak to them, how they have expressed alarm at the idea of speaking to a journalist from the outside media. And my only response is "Well, if somebody came to your house, visited you, ate dinner with you, laughed with you, talked with you, and then went away and wrote a story about how filthy your house is would you throw open the doors to speak to them again?"

Big Oil Is Gambling Our Future on End Pit Lakes

Cameron Fenton | Posted 12.10.2012 | Canada
Cameron Fenton

Tuesday morning I woke up, opened the paper and saw a full page spread on plans to create massive End Pit Lakes, a process that involved filling the massive, visible from space, open pit mines created by tar sands extraction in Northern Alberta with tailings and water.

What We Really Fight About in Fort McMurray

Theresa Wells | Posted 11.26.2012 | Canada Alberta
Theresa Wells

Sometimes reading the national press makes me giggle. From those news stories one would get the impression the residents of my community fight about things like lack of parking, high rental costs, and our shortage of women. The funny thing is that we certainly have boomtown issues of just that nature, and other ones, too. But that isn't what gets Fort McMurray residents all hot and bothered. What gets people going here are issues that arise over where this community is headed - and one of those issues raised it's head recently over a little body of water in downtown Fort McMurray, a body of water called the Snye.

Canada's Energy Strategy Should Not Be Oil-Soaked

Keith Brooks | Posted 11.20.2012 | Canada Politics
Keith Brooks

Basing our national energy strategy on the oil industry would would lead to too many emissions and too few jobs. Increasing our dependence on oil drives up the Canadian dollar which in turn hurts export-oriented sectors like manufacturing and forestry. The petro-dollar also makes our economy vulnerable to the boom and bust cycles typical of oil. In short, it's unwise to put all our eggs in an oily basket.

The Power of Dirty Oil Money

Theresa Wells | Posted 11.17.2012 | Canada Alberta
Theresa Wells

Many things are written and said about the oil sands, and one of the allegations frequently made is that the oil derived from the naturally occurring bitumen is "dirty", tainted with the stain of environmental destruction. While that debate rages on one rarely hears about what happens to some of the money generated by that so-called "dirty" oil. One may hear about corporate profits, and royalties, and high salaries - but one very rarely hears about philanthropy.

The Ones Who'll Gauge How Safe Our Pipelines Are

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 11.10.2012 | Canada Alberta

CALGARY - Alberta's energy industry regulator says it has hired a company to review the province's pipeline network.The Energy Resources Conservation ...

Highway Of Death Crash - TWITTER React

The Huffington Post Canada | Pablo Fernandez | Posted 11.10.2012 | Canada Alberta


Highway Of Death Claims 2 More Lives

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 11.09.2012 | Canada Alberta

WANDERING RIVER, Alta. - A busy northern Alberta highway between Edmonton and Fort McMurray that is known for accidents has claimed another two lives ...

Fort McMurray: Life Beyond Oil Sands

Theresa Wells | Posted 10.28.2012 | Canada Alberta
Theresa Wells

There are also those who think that Fort McMurray is nothing but oil sands, nothing but workers in coveralls and enormous dump trucks, the landscape nothing but a sea of tailings ponds and smoke stacks. As with many things, though, the reality is nothing like the hype.