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Terror Suspect Told Cops He Was Trying To De-Radicalize Co-Accused

CP | Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.13.2015 | Canada

TORONTO - One of two men on trial for allegedly plotting to kill scores of people by derailing a passenger train told an investigator he only pretende...

Harper's Exploitation Of Fear Is Wrong And Racist

Rafe Mair | Posted 02.23.2015 | Canada British Columbia
Rafe Mair

It is sad to observe but I fear that Mr. Harper has found such an evil but effective issue for the coming election, will exploit it, and that many will support him for it.

Terror and Turmoil -- We Have Been Here Before

Rosemary McCarney | Posted 02.06.2015 | Canada Impact
Rosemary McCarney

In today's wars -- no less destructive than others in history because they are undeclared -- how do we bring the fighting parties to the table? None of the usual diplomatic and military carrots and sticks are working. So what to do?

New Bill Could Criminalize Sharing Certain Terrorism Videos

CP | Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.02.2015 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - The Conservative government wants to make it a criminal offence to encourage someone to carry out a terrorist attack.The Canadian Press has l...

Canada Should Stop Using Cowardice to Fight the War on Terror

Ethan Rabidoux | Posted 03.13.2015 | Canada Politics
Ethan Rabidoux

The War on Terrorism has been raging since planes knocked down the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001. Canadians have long felt insulated from the rush to hysteria and paranoia that has gripped many of our allies but now we're right in the thick of it.

Canada's Terror Watchlist Grows

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 01.03.2015 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - A jihadist group active in northern Syria has been added to Canada's list of terrorist organizations.Jaysh al-Muhajirin wal-Ansar, which oper...

Early Arrival For New Anti-Terror Laws?

CP | Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press | Posted 12.24.2014 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - The Conservative government is expected to give police and spies new tools to fight terrorism as early as next week.But some point out that a...

Doctor In Terror Case Pleads Not Guilty

CP | Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press | Posted 04.12.2014 | Canada

OTTAWA - A man who once auditioned for the Canadian Idol TV show has pleaded not guilty to a terrorism charge laid more than three years ago.Khurram S...

The Bombing You've Never Heard About

Frank Dimant | Posted 09.22.2013 | Canada
Frank Dimant

Last week, the 19th anniversary of the 1994 AMIA bombing went almost unnoticed outside of Argentina. Perhaps the AMIA bombing fails to motivate the world to call for justice because it is mistakenly viewed as an act of terror against the Jewish community. In fact, many of the victims were not Jewish.

Disguised in the Name of Islam

Shahla Khan Salter | Posted 06.03.2013 | Canada
Shahla Khan Salter

In the last few months the world has witnessed, once again, atrocities planned and in two cases, carried out, disguised in the name of Islam. The debate among Muslims in the West is filled with tension. And as Muslims what more must we do to stop the chaos, in addition to demanding changes in our Western countries' foreign policies?

Security Certificate Process 'Off The Rails', Paulson Said

CP | Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press | Posted 08.02.2013 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - On his way to becoming Canada's top cop, Bob Paulson told internal reviewers the national security certificate process for detaining suspecte...

Calling Terror by its Rightful Name

Mike Fegelman | Posted 07.28.2013 | Canada
Mike Fegelman

Canadian and international media often shy away from using the word "terrorism" and its variants when discussing violence directed against Israelis, d...

'You Have Nothing To Do With Our Faith'

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 06.23.2013 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - A national Muslim group and community leaders are thanking police for foiling an alleged terror plot against a Via Rail train.The plot had no...

Terror Lives Here Too

John E.C. Thompson | Posted 06.23.2013 | Canada
John E.C. Thompson

Despite abundant evidence, Canadians still have considerable difficulty accepting the presence of international terrorists. We like to believe that nobody would want to harm us, but the terrible reality is that there are terrorists who would like nothing better than to kill large numbers of us.

'Strange, Surprising, Shocking'

CP | Allison Jones and Sidhartha Banerjee, The Canadian Press | Posted 06.22.2013 | Canada

Two men charged in an alleged al-Qaida supported terror plot to attack a Via Rail passenger train disputed the allegations against them Tuesday as the...

"Punked" Egyptians Reveal Their Hatred of Jews

Mike Fegelman | Posted 10.15.2012 | Canada Politics
Mike Fegelman

On July 20, an Egyptian T.V. show prank where famous Egyptian actors believed they were being interviewed by a German T.V. station, turned into mayhem when they were told they were being interviewed on an Israeli network. This should serve as an ominous warning about the prevailing hateful sentiments Egyptian Arabs hold for Jews.

New Tory Counter-Terror Strategy Targets 'Lone Wolf' Attackers

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 04.10.2012 | Canada Politics

OTTAWA - Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has spelled out Canada's counter-terrorism strategy for foiling everything from Islamic terrorist threats to...