Canadian Beer

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5 Can't-Miss Canadian Summer Beer Festivals

Nothing pairs better during a hot summer day than a cold beer, and there's no better way to experience that cold beer than at the best beer festivals across the country. From coast to coast, Canadians have taken a dedicated interest in craft beer, and it shows; many new beer festivals have popped up in the last few years, and despite being relatively new, have grown to substantial proportions.

Beer War Brews In Canada

MONTREAL — A beer war is brewing in Canada as SABMiller seeks to grow its presence following its divorce from partner Molson Coors. Just four months after forming a Canadian subsidiary, the world's se...

Molson, Miller In Turf War Over Canada

TORONTO -- Two brewing giants are heading back to court in their battle over the Canadian distribution rights for several bands of Miller beer after talks to reach an out-of-court settlement fell thro...

The Glass That Makes Beer Taste Better

How do you drink your beer? Do you swig it straight from the bottle or can? Do you have a favourite glass? Do you observe the somewhat eccentric and detailed minutiae of beer-glass-style heuristics? If I told you a new type of glass could make your beer taste better, would you believe me? You should.

WATCH: Top 10 Songs In Beer Commercials

Music and beer have always complimented each other, be it making the tunes sound better or the lager taste, uh, tastier. Hence the reason why so many beer companies ditch the humorous approach in thei...