Canadian Budget


Speaker Limits Canadian Budget Votes

MPs will avoid a second marathon voting session on whether to implement policies contained in the budget after the House Speaker limited the votes to a maximum of 47. Speaker Andrew Scheer ruled Thur...

Keeping Canada Away From the Fiscal Cliff

When Canada's annual budget deficit came in bigger than expected at $26.2 billion recently, the news didn't spark a sell-off in the markets or an emergency debate in parliament. But that doesn't mean Canadians should be complacent about balancing the budget. As taxpayers, we need to keep our politicians focused controlling costs, keeping taxes affordable, and balancing budgets -- the straight and narrow path that leads us far away from the fiscal cliff.

NDP Wants Huge Budget Bill Broken Up

OTTAWA - The NDP wants the government's omnibus budget bill broken up to allow more detailed scrutiny.They say the bill is supposed to be budget legislation, but much of it deals with changes to the e...

Harper Cuts Down Rights like They're Trees

On a day when many were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the signing of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Stephen Harper's government announced legislation that will drastically reduce the number of regulatory agencies that exist to protect the environment in which individual Canadians enjoy their rights and freedoms.

We Don't Want No Foreign Funding

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has told Canadians: "Free your pennies from their prisons at home and donate them to charity." However, he does not want you to liberate American pennies from the prisons in your home by donating them to charity.

2012 Budget Apocalypse?

OTTAWA -- The 1995 Liberals had no choice. That's the real difference between the desperate budget of former Liberal finance minister Paul Martin and the less draconian edition due to be handed down n...