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How Smokers Can Run To Quit

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, smoking causes about 85 per cent of lung cancer cases in Canada and smokers shorten their lives by eight to 10 years on average. Julia Hayos, Special Projects Lead with the Canadian Cancer Society talks about the overview of the Run to Quit program. The Run to Quit program is a 10-week course for smokers to take up running or walking as a way to help break the habit.
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10 Everyday Ways to Lower Your Risk of Cancer

There are many factors we can't control that affect our cancer risk, like growing older, our genetic profile and having a family history of the disease. But the good news is that there is a lot we can control. It's as simple as making healthy choices every day and having policies in place that protect our health. Here are the top 10 ways to lower your risk of cancer.

More Places To Butt Out In B.C.?

The Canadian Cancer Society is calling on the B.C. government to ban smoking on all outdoor patios of bars and restaurants as well as in all parks and playgrounds across the province. Smoking on eate...

'Useless' Breast Cancer Test

Medical clinics across the country are touting the benefits of a diagnostic test for breast cancer that medical experts say is useless. A CBC News investigation has identified dozens of clinics offer...

Top 10 Cancer Breakthroughs Of 2011

There were a number of significant cancer research discoveries in 2011, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, and many of them were made by Canadian researchers. "2011 has been a very exciting ye...

Canada Butting Out

TORONTO - Smokers now comprise less than a fifth of Canada's population as rates of tobacco consumption hit an all-time low last year, Statistics Canada said Wednesday.The agency's annual Canadian Tob...